Monday, December 1, 2008

Past 2 days

Thank you for all your prayers! They have helped a lot the past 2 days! I'm still not feeling well but at least I think it's just the worse allergies I've ever had and not something contagious. Neil is much better and at work today. I'm taking Claire to the Dr. tomorrow because she is still coughing terribly and her nose is a faucet. I think she needs an allergy nose spray.

Yesterday Claire, Neil and I spent the afternoon at my parents house with all my sibilings and Neil's parents for the Walvoord Thanksgiving. We had all the traditional food along with the beautifully set table with the china. It felt weird just going about our business but it was good for all 3 of us to go somewhere together. It hadn't happened in almost 5 weeks!

Here are a few more updates. Still don't know when she is coming home but still hoping for sometime this week!

11/30, Sunday

a.m. - Bilirubin down to 9.5 but they are keeping her on photo therapy. They said babies will regress if taken off too soon. We can only hold her for a little bit because she has to stay under the light as much as possible.

Started bottle feeding!! She is overly anxious and gets too much at one time so they are trying to teach her how to swallow and breath. She can’t leave until this coordination is down. They are giving her about 20 minutes to eat and whatever she doesn’t finish, she gets through her tube. This is going to be a slow process and will be the next determinant factor for her to be able to come home.

Weighs 6 lbs. 3 oz.

3 p.m. she had her cannula taken out which means that she doesn’t have a breathing tube anymore. She is completely breathing on her own and her respiratory rate has remained stable.

p.m. – Neil got to hold Eden for the first time since right after she arrived!! She was the most awake I’ve seen her so she was studying us closely. He hadn’t seen her at all since Wednesday so it was WAY over due and we’re so thankful that he is feeling better.

We got to spend some great time together just the two of us with Eden. We REALLY needed this and it was nice to have the down time to talk and take it all in.

12/1, Monday

a.m. – Bilirubin lowered to 6 so Dr. Kenton took her off photo therapy! So glad because now I can hold her more often!

Still not getting the coordination of breathing and eating but they try every feeding (every 3 hours). They removed her feeding tube so she doesn’t have a minimum. She only gets what she takes with a bottle. This makes me nervous! At the 11 a.m. feeding she only ate 28 mL and she had been up to 55 mL.

I can see my pretty girl's face without any tubes now!! This pic is a little blurry but you can still see how cute she is. The red spot on her cheek is from the tape that was holding her feeding tube.


Tara aka "Mama Koala" said...

She is just SO beautiful! Glad to hear you and Neil are feeling better..hope Claire gets there soon. You've all been in my prayers.


Aggiema (Michelle) said...

She is a beautiful little girl, just like Claire! Sounds like she is making real progress and will be able to come home soon. I know it is hard to leave her there but know that it is only temporary and she will be home soon. Thanks for taking time to tell us about Miss Eden and share the pictures.

Aubrey said...

She is so cute! I am so happy Eden is doing well. Neil looks like the proudest dad in the world! We can't wait to meet her. Ya'll are in our constant prayers!

Lauren said...

So cute! I can't believe how great she is doing and may be coming home tomorrow. What a miracle for you guys. I know it will be so great for all 4 of you to be home together. Can't wait to meet her!