Friday, July 30, 2010

You know you're having a garage sale....

when your kids watch way too much TV and when your living room looks like this...
when your cat doesn't have anywhere else to perch except the coffee table (and you don't care!)...
when your garage looks like this because of amazing people...
and this... (and we've gotten more since this picture!)
when you find sale stickers stuck to your foot...

when you are wanting to eat anything that will make less of a mess...

when you are so excited to see how God is going to work!!

Thank you again to those who donated so much! We aren't expecting to raise as much as the last two but you never know what will happen =) Please pray for a good turn out and for Neil and I to be efficient in our work tonight and setting up tomorrow. We open at 8 a.m. but will probably have people coming around 7:15 or so. That means we'll be setting up around 6! Lots of work but SO worth it!

(on another note, we had our dossier conference call yesterday and it is A LOT of detail! I also finally got my LA background info sent today praying that it was now all done correctly and is going to the right person! More to come on that!)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


My groom turned 33 on Saturday - Happy Birthday honey! We had a very easy, laid back weekend all around which is exactly how he likes it =) The big day started with a full breakfast in bed. After church, we had lunch at Ruby Tuesdays with Neil's parents. Lunch with a 20 month old is always interesting but we still had a lot of fun! Then of course we had to have a nap before the girls and I made Neil's favorite dessert - Oatmeal Fudge Bars. He asks for these every year since I made them forever ago!! Love making something he really enjoys! They baked while we ate some pizza and just played. It was a great family day =)
This was the first time I had both girls on the chair helping me bake - talk about my blood pressure rising! I just knew someone was going to fall off but they did well!

Neil and his girl's having a non-negotiating dinner - what better way to eat with your kids on your birthday?!
Neil - hope you had a great weekend even though it was a different kind of birthday for you *wink, wink* You are the best man I've ever known with the kindest, most loving heart. Always serving. You are such an example to me and the girls and I pray you feel our love and appreciation not only on your special days but everyday. God has truly blessed our family by giving us you!

The girls and I love you more than we could ever express!

20 months old

Yes - my baby is 20 months! Eden is really showing her independence more and more these days! She's really learning how to share and be gentle which is really important in our household =) Here is my big girl mesmerized by a calculator on her 20 month day. Buttons of any kind seem to intrigue her:
Our sweet Eden is still obsessed with shoes! Loved this picture of her! She is finally wearing most 18 month clothes but is still wearing a lot of 12 month.
Nothing better than forts with Claire! Daddy built this one with the girls and of course every character was invited. Eden's imagination is growing everyday which we love to see. Along with her imagination, her language is also growing! Still can't understand everything but she certainly knows what she is saying. My favorite thing she says right now is "Thank you" - too cute!

Eden loves being with her daddy and being silly. Although our girl is on the serious side, she loves to make everyone laugh!
Chewing on her fingers as she is still working on a ton of teeth. Teething has been tough! poor thing - she has finally gotten most of her molars but still missing all her eye teeth. The pattern continues to be unique!
A few other random things to remember:
- More and more she wants to be just like sister. Say the same things and even sit the exact same way. So cute but even more responsibility for Claire to be a good example.
- She has a few more favorite songs this month. Her top one by far is combined with a video on youtube - the Orange on Sesame Street singing "Carmen". She is actually obsessed and asks for it throughout the day by puckering her lips and singing her best opera voice. LOVE it! In the car she has learned to say "again" for her favorite song "Skinnermarink" - she even does the hand movements! She continues to love all things Wiggles
- She is saying Mimi, Poppa, Grandma and Grandpa in her own little way =)
- She loves the water in any shape or form!
- She is pretty much refusing to eat in her high chair because she wants to sit in a big chair like sister. This makes meals really difficult but I'm trying to choose my battles wisely.

Monday, July 26, 2010


OK - whoever is praying out there for us - THANK YOU!! We finally got our FBI fingerprint records in the mail on Saturday and we were so excited! Claire ran around the yard yelling "Baby brother! Baby brother!" - wish I had that on video! Too cute =)

We submitted the paperwork for our print records back in mid-May because they said it took awhile to get results. They weren't kidding but we are so thankful they are here and already faxed to our home agency to get that much closer to completing our home study!

We are now only waiting for my Louisiana background check and my income verification letter from a CPA. I called LA office today and sadly they said they never received my background request that I sent almost 6-7 weeks ago =( So prayers for a speedy turn around as I have to resubmit via snail mail.

Thanks for all your prayers! We are knee deep in garage sale prep and Craig's list postings. We continue to be blessed by so much!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

A moth, a caterpillar and a bite

An eventful day!! We have had this strange cocoon in a crystal light container since July 4th. Neil's parents gave it to us after they had it for two weeks. It was large, off white and you could hear something moving inside of it. A little creepy but kept our interest. Well, today we finally met the mystery resident!! This AMAZING and beautiful moth was already out when we woke up this morning. He quickly flew away after we caught some good pics. I still have to post about Lucy and Tweety - the two swallowtail butterflies that we watched emerge from their cocoons. I'm a little cocoon crazy this summer but loving sharing this with Claire! An incredible science project right in our home!

Next event was creating this caterpillar after seeing my friend Rachel post it on her blog. Thanks for the idea Rachel! Her kids are doing an at home Carle art camp and I just couldn't pass up this easy, fun craft with Claire.
We then had some cousin time at Mimi and Poppa's today and had yummy lunch!! Shannon had gallbladder surgery which went well - didn't get pictures of our lunch time but this foot made it really hard to play at all:

Claire's right foot got an ant bite yesterday (in between her toes) while we were out at the park for playgroup. She didn't even tell me when it happened but I noticed a little swelling later in the afternoon. By the evening, it was large but this morning it was spreading up her foot/ankle and it was feverish. This pic was taken in the morning and when it got worse throughout the day, I took her in to see the dr. He seemed a bit concerned with how it was spreading away from the actual bite site. We came home with an antibiotic to protect it from becoming a staph infection, topical ointment and we are keeping it elevated as much as possible. She also gets to soak it in warm water mixed with bleach. She is loving the extra loving care and carrying around as she can't even get a shoe on her foot. She can't even walk on it. Most of all I think she is loving her extra TV time =)

Last July, Claire had a spider bite on the same foot. Can't believe how similar it looks minus the pussy bite. Please pray for her to heal fast and have a good nights rest. She was up twice last night complaining of pain.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Birthday Party

My wonderful, thoughtful hubby put together a dinner party with family and childhood friends at Carino's! It was such a special evening. Thank you Neil for planning such a fun evening to ring in a new decade!

The most wonderful husband EVER!
My older brother could finally tease me about getting older!! He and Heather made the trip in from Austin just for dinner. It was so sweet of them!
Jayme was able to make it while Shawn and Jacin had some boy time together! Jayme and I have gotten close the past 6 months - she is such a supportive and wonderful friend!
Crystal and Richard - Crystal and I met in choir in 6th grade!
Billy made it too! Meant so much to have him there! Claire was so excited she got to come out and stay late while Eden stayed home with a sitter =)
Mom and Dad - The reason I have a birthday at all! Thanks for everything! (Claire took this picture! She's a great photographer!)
Gene and Elaine - Claire took this pic too!
Neil and J.J. - We've known J.J. since '95!
Erin and Lezlee - what incredible friends to have by my side!
Jeremy and Eric make such a cute couple!
Marie and Dennis - Marie and I have known each other since 4th grade and finally got to be friends in high school. Both in choir, both LSU grads - we were roommates in college for 2 years and have such a special relationship.
Jenny and Danny - I've known Jenny since the 4th/5th grade but we got to be good friends in middle school through choir! Danny graduated with Neil and was also in choir =)
Kate and I - 20 years...we met playing softball at northwest little league! Go Bluejays (we were the worst team in the league for the longest time!) Who would've thought we'd still be together?
This was the BEST cake from Sweet Secrets - thanks mom for bringing the cake and flowers!
Claire was SO good and was in heaven sitting between Billy and Heather!
Just the three of us!
Mike squeezing the breath out of me - He is the BEST big brother a girl could ask for! We're 11 years apart!
Love this pic of Heather and I
Thanks everyone for coming to celebrate with us! Missed those who couldn't be with us!

Turning 30

So far 30 has been great!! The big day was back on the 15th and I had such a wonderful day. Kate and Abbey came over to hang out and then Neil got off early so we could all go to lunch with my parents. Neil's parents came as a surprise!! We enjoyed some yummy Chinese food and then I had a fabulous nap! After nap, the girls, Neil and I packed up to go shopping at Target. My mom gave me a gift to go pick out a new dress for my birthday party. Thanks Mom!! =) After shopping we just relaxed at home till bed time and then I got to go for a great, long walk with Marie. And to close the evening, a nice glass of sweet red wine. A wonderful day spent with family and friends!

Here are pics from lunch:
Abbey and Claire
Kate and Me - I can't believe we've been friends for 20 years and now we are watching our girl's grow up together!
Love this pic of them! Such sillies!

I love this man!
My sweetness
Elaine and Gene - thanks for coming!
And this was Eden's cue for us to leave!! My mom was giving her a cookie! The entire lunch she was a hot potato going from one person to the next. Didn't make for a relaxing lunch but there were plenty of people to pass her around!
Daddy and his girl

I've been so extremely blessed and thank God for the years He has given me. I don't want to ever take my time here with my loved ones for granted! These are the days I want to freeze in time =) Therefore, I blog!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Singin' in the Rain

Back at the end of June we got a ton of rain because of hurricane Alex on the Texas coast. For those who don't know, Claire has been terrified of rain for the longest time. It can drive me a little crazy =) She doesn't think we can go anywhere if it's raining and there are often tears! Well, give a girl a purple umbrella to play IN the rain and she has been cured (at least I hope so!) Claire and Eden had the best time playing in the rain and I can't wait to let them do it again sometime soon.
Sisters having fun!
Eden was all giggles running up and down the front sidewalk!

Check out this cute video of the action! Claire is singing "Twinkle, Twinkle" but kind of made it up at the end. She's done this since day one - can never remember where the words go!