Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

I LOVE getting ready for Christmas! It's my favorite holiday and usually we get everything up the Sat. after Thanksgiving but we had to delay things a bit with Eden's early arrival!

Claire had a big weekend with lots of holiday fun!! She had Breakfast with Santa up at church, decorating our Christmas tree and then decorating Mimi and Poppa's tree with her cousins. Breakfast with Santa is my favorite kids activity all year and I was so bummed to miss it but glad Claire still got to go with Daddy. She didn't sit on Santa's lap again this year but she wasn't as terrified as last year. She thought it was so funny that Santa waved at her and when she is asked about sitting on his lap she says "I don't have to" because that's what I had told her to help revent a persistant fear! Notice she wore her new Pooh and Tiger light up sweatshirt all weekend =) This is our first experience with her being really attached to something to wear and it's not worth fighting about it. Thanks Mom - it's a big hit and so cute!

Breakfast with Santa at Northside Church of Christ
Claire's crazy cousins!
Kyle and Justin a.k.a. Justie

Hanging out with Kristin and Ethan

Claire LOVES to stamp! I love that face =)

Aunt Shannon and Justin

Claire and Leyna - they're the best of friends!

This was as close as she'd get to a Santa! Maybe next year!

Checking in with Eden after she got home

I love love LOVE this one!

After nap Claire helped us decorate the tree for about 15 minutes then she was off to something else. Putting ornaments on was harder than she thought! They kept falling off!

Eden supervising all the activity!

Proud Daddy!

The final touch - my beautiful angle that I got from my Aunt Linda way back when! I think it was during high school and if not, middle school!

Posing with the finished look

Not the best picture but here's the finished product

My sweet girl - I did't do the huge bows with Claire but now that I have them I'm going to use them!

Decorating Mimi and Poppa's tree with her cousins! This was so neat - what a great memory! I never got to do something like this. What a blessing it is to live close to family!

Aunt Shannon hadn't met Eden yet! She held her most the time while she was sleeping!

Justin loved decorating this year!

Kyle got into it too after his nature walk with Neil!

Digging for more decorations

Sleeping Beauty
Proud grandparents


Tara aka "Mama Koala" said...

Great pictures! Claire and Eden are so beautiful. And her sweater is cute;-)

Hope you are doing well!

Aubrey said...

Oh my goodness, Claire is turning into such a beautiful little girl. She's always been a cutie, but oh my...

I love Christmas too. I'm always so excited to get the decorations out and am sad when it's time to take them all down!

Merry Christmas!