Saturday, November 29, 2008

Trying to keep up

We really need your prayers.... Eden is doing wonderfully and continues to make progress with no set backs. Thank God we haven't had the up and down roller coaster that I know a lot of people have had with their babies in the NICU. Thank you LORD - we need prayers for us and this transition. It was so hard the first time with Claire because there is nothing like it but with Neil sick, me having to pump every 2 hours, Claire having to understand and not act out and not having your baby home - well, it makes it that much harder. Please specifically pray for healing and protection. I started feeling bad this afternoon with more cold symptoms rather than flu. I can NOT get sick. Also specifically pray for Neil and I to not only rely on God for strength but on each other. We REALLY need this right now and Satan is having a hay day with us.

I really want to remember what is going on everyday so I've written a few notes and want to post them here. I haven't been on to post for obvious reasons but trying to keep up. Below is a short list hand that might not make sense to everyone but it's for me =) We still don't know when she will be coming home but we are hoping for mid to late next week.

11/27 - Thursday, Turkey Day

am - got to hold Eden for the first time since right after she arrived! It was WONDERFUL
(Neil still hasn't been able to do this)

pm - Grandma and I gave Eden a bath! It was technically her second one but it was our first together. Eden certainly didn't like it! We found out she's too big for preemie clothes when we tried to put on one with feet. =) She's my long baby girl.

Moved to a regular big girl bed that the newborns have in the upstairs nursery. Here is Grandma with the big girl bed.

Her bilirubin was at a 10. We want her to stay under 12

Found out she tested positive for MRSA - not as scary as it sounded! It is so common out in our community. 80% of the population are carriers for it. It is colonized which means you have it but don't have side affects. It was tested positive from her umbilical cord so I probably gave it to her myself. We have to continue to glove and gown to prevent the spread of MRSA. I will need to watch any scratches or open sores more carefully and be more aggressive if they ever appear infected. There is no way to prevent ourselves from getting it besides good hygiene so everyone wash you hands!! You probably have it too!!

11/28 - Friday

am - lowered her oxygen pressure to 3 (she started at 5 right after birth and this is out of 12)

Spoke to Dr. Kenton about MRSA and he reassured me it wasn't much to worry about. She will be tested again on Sunday. It's such a highly sensitive test that it could've been a false positive.

Spoke to lactation consultant and lost it in a lactation room - those lovely hormones have kicked in and left me feeling out of control. If you've ever had a baby I know you understand

Getting 35 mL of breast milk every 3 hours

pm - 8 p.m. feeding she moved up to 40 mL and continues to get all her milk from me without supplementation

She loves her paci when she takes it. Her suck reflex is really strong which is encouraging. Hoping this will help with the transition to a bottle when she will have to work for her food.

She puts her hand up by and even on her face when she sleeps!! Just like big sister and it's so
cute. Her fingers are super long as well as her feet. Hoping she'll still fit in her newborn shoes when she comes home

11/29 - Saturday

am- got moved to her own room!

bilirubin test came back 12.6 so she started photo therapy. She has to be under the light almost all the time till it's under 12 again. She is tested every morning. She wears the cool eye shades and it makes her sleep even more if that is even possible! I still got to touch her through the circle openings but I didn't get to hold her as much today. Only about 30 minutes

Lowered her oxygen pressure to 2 and her respiratory rate continues to look more stable (under 60)

Increased her eating amount to 49 mL - went up more than 5 because of the heat she is exposed to under the bilirubin light.

Has had a lot of good diapers with wet and poopy and I've changed many of them myself!

I began to feel worse as I was at the hospital - runny nose, sneezing, headache, body ache, etc. so I didn't go back in the evening. Gotta get up in 3 hours to pump =( It's so hard to wake up to a pump but I know it's worth it. At least "Frasier" was on at 3:30 a.m. last night!

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proud parents said...

I'm so glad to hear that Eden is doing better. We are definitely praying for y'all. Oh, I remember setting my alarm to pump. It was so hard! I watched more Food Network than I have in my entire life. Keep her sun shades if they'll let you. They look so cute in the scrapbook!

I hope Eden will be home with you soon!