Sunday, December 7, 2008

Baby Shower

I have been wanting to get these pictures up from the wonderful shower that my sweet girlfriends from church gave us!! It was the Saturday before Eden arrived and I'm so glad she waited till after the party. I was given permission from my dr. to go as long as I stayed put and believe me, they wouldn't let me get up! The brunch food was yummy, the deco was great, seeing my friends after 3 weeks of bedrest was refreshing and I felt human again after having to get ready and put real clothes on! A lot of my family was able to be there including my brother Mike. Thank you Mike for taking the pics on here. He was our token male guest along with the little ones - Jude and Isaiah. Thank you so much to everyone who was able to be there and especially the hostesses - you all are such a blessing to me and I cherish our friendships!


Shannon Schimelpfening (Neil's sister), Erin Schmidt, Stefany Bowers and Lezlee Zorn

(Lauren Gibbins too but she couldn't be there!)

Lezlee made these amazing letters for Eden's room! They match her bedding perfectly!

My beautiful sister, Jennifer, and sister in law, Heather
Mary and Erin
Melynda with Jude and Danielle
Hey Jude!
Mike and Jennifer
Lezlee and me - I love this girl!

The Walvoord Fam
Neil's mom, Elaine and my mom, Mary

Kristin with Isaiah and Jenny
Shannon and Jennifer
I thought this was a funny one!


Aubrey said...

I'm so glad you got to have a shower before Eden came. I hope ya'll are all getting into a regular routine.

Okay, now that Eden is here, it's time to change your ticker (you're not 37 weeks). I know your busy, just giving you a hard time.

We have some busy weekends coming up, so maybe once school is out Andy and I can come by and meet Eden.

Aubrey said...

Yay for the updated ticker! I can't believe Eden's already been around for 2 weeks. Andy said she was so cute. He said, "all she did was sleep." I think he has a big surprise coming when Lyla gets here. We talked last night about how the first few months are hard because you don't get a lot of response from the baby.

Thank you for talking to Andy yesterday. He said that he feels much better about Lyla's heart. I think it's just hard for men. They are so use to being the fixers and these are things they just can't fix!

Love ya!