Friday, February 25, 2011

Blankie Girl

Neil has the cutest way of describing the girls when they really like something =) i.e. "Are you my banana girl?" Well, Eden is 100% a blankie girl! She just loves having a blankie around but fortunately we've taught her not to be attached to just one... any blankie will do! She does especially like this green one that was given to Claire at a baby shower.

We just love our blankie girl!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Big Girl

Eden is now officially potty training and I've been surprised at how self motivated she has been! She has completely taken the reins on this one but I think that's why it's working out so well.

Back on Wednesday Eden went on the potty for the very first time... for Poppa! He didn't even realize that he got this first moment until I told him later! He and Elaine were over watching the girls while Neil and I got SPOILED with amazing seats to the Spurs game (HUGE thanks to Rachel and Dan!) It was a great night for all of us. I was a little sad I missed her first time when I'm with her all the time but I've gotten her 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc. and it's been very exciting! She's getting the hang of it but I'm still letting her take the lead more than I did with Claire. If it's one thing I've learned in parenting, you have to be on your toes and ready to do things differently with your kiddos. They all have their personalities and learning styles and what a beautiful testimony to how God creates each and every one of us unique!

Two funny potty stories - I just can't resist! Eden does get a little motivation to potty by two chocolate chips =) SO now she says "Treat?" with the most adorable grin, scrunched up face and her shoulders to her chin. Of course I say she has to actually go to get the treat but then she says "Pee pee?" and I say "yes" and she says "Toot?" and just laughs because she's making a hilarious joke!! She thinks she should get a treat for a toot - SHE'S my little toot! I call her that all the time. Isn't that a lovely term of endearment?!

This potty story is one from Claire. The other day she was in the bathroom doing her business and yelled at me "I'm done" so I ask "did you wipe?" and she said "No that's a dirty job and I don't like dirty jobs" Guess she doesn't mind me doing them =) Don't worry, I didn't.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tis the season...

It's baby shower season =) I've been to so many showers the past month (and so many more to come!) - I just love celebrating with my friends and family. And I really love seeing all those new baby items and cute little clothes! On Saturday, Christina came into town from Houston so we could help her get ready for her baby girl.
Crystal, Kate, Jenny, me and Christina
Can't wait to hear about Miss. Valentina's arrival!

Monday, February 21, 2011

First Haircut

My baby is growing up more and more every day! Back on the 11th Eden got her first haircut and boy does she look cute! It was getting a little hard to tame with all that curl and getting a little too tangled in the back. I was really nervous about how she would react but she was more than excited! She said "haircut?" for a few days before we actually got there. Nothing like pumping it up!

She sat as still as could be! Here she is anticipating the first cut - that smile is PRICELESS! She wasn't too sure about the water spraying her but didn't make a peep
Afterwards we looked at some Valentine's Day goodies and she got a treat!
The coolest thing was that she had the same lady give her haircut as Claire had when she had her first haircut! They even wore the same smock =) Not planned at all - just coincedence as we just take who we get when we can actually make a trip. Didn't even realize it until we came home and looked at the post from Claire's first haircut and Claire said "Look! It's the same lady!"

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It's Potty Time

Well, it's about that time! Last week we finally pulled out the Elmo potty when Eden insisted we read the "Bye Bye Diaper" book several times. It was the first time she showed excitement when we talked about her going on the special Elmo potty. We let her pick where she wanted to potty for the first try and she choose the kitchen =) With Claire we had quite the method for potty training - straight to panties, being housebound, spot cleaner and M& M's - worked beautifully and we were trained in 3-4 days. Not sure what Eden will take to but I do know this, sister will be a huge help and encouragement! So how do you potty train a little sister? Have a big sister to show her the ropes!
Pull up a potty! What a polite sister =)
Can't get much better than this!
She eventually wanted to sit on it without her diaper on and read her book!
Claire took some shots and I loved this one =) So proud of my girl and can't wait to sing the pee-pee song!
Nothing has happened yet but she likes to go sit on the potty... by herself and now in the bathroom =) She's let Claire in with her (so Claire can give her comics) but when Neil or I try to go in there she says "Stop it" and puts her hand up. Oh this should be fun!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

(posted a couple things below if you're interested in baby showers and our adoption number!)
There's just nothing like holidays with kids - everything is that much more exciting and magical! Today was no exception! Claire anticipated today for weeks and was even wishing Rollo, our beloved cat, a Happy Valentine's Day... ALL day =) With heart pancakes, candy, stuffed animals, sonic slush, special quality time in the beautiful weather, a pizza date with mom and dad and a surprise date with friends - even a LONG trip to the dr. office couldn't bring us down! (Eden has pink eye but was checked out for an ear infection today - all clear!)

Happy Valentine's Day from my angels!
Claire Elise loving her new bear "Big" and lollipop from Dr. Gulde
Eden requested this pose by the tree - she's looking like such a big girl these days!
Our date to Rome's was so much fun! We randomly ran into some friends of ours that we haven't gotten together with in forever. What a treat to share our Valentine's with them! Here is Nico, Claire, Eden and Tino
Nico and Claire used to hang out a lot when they were little! They can't wait to get together again soon for a playdate =)
We also got to visit with Mimi, Poppa, Grandma and Grandpa today - how blessed we are to live so close!
Neil and I celebrated last week with a trip to the Rodeo - thanks to Kate and Tracy!! We saw Reba McIntyre and had a great time!! Neil was such a sweetie this weekend - roses, my favorite wine, a romantic comedy ("500 Days of Summer" HIGHLY recommended!) breakfast in bed on Sunday... he's so funny =) He thought Valentine's was on Sunday so we got to extend our celebration even more by watching our show together tonight. Things have changed since our first Valentine's but I LOVE it - love how we make it our own and enjoy each other just as much as we do everyday.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

12 years

Hard to believe it's been 12 years since we lost Mikey. That day will forever be etched in my mind and heart. I've already written a lot about my crazy friend and that day but wanted to remember something that has come up this past year.

Eden. She is a trip. Such a mischevious little girl always trying to smile her way out of trouble. A moody little girl who knows exactly what she wants but she's SO darn cute and so easy to love!! This part of her personality has really developed as she's becoming more independent and expressive. So amazing how you can see these traits at such a young age. Neil and I had spoken a few times the past year about how ironic it is that Claire was named after Mikey (her middle name) but that Eden has her personality. That magnetic charm!

The other day when we were eating at Eric and Erin's house (the house Eric and Mikey grew up in) Eden was being herself and Eric looked at her and said "That's exactly Mikey - that's just how she was!" Makes me smile to know that he sees it in her too =) Marty, Mikey's mom, has told us before that if Mikey was out of sight as a baby and quiet, that meant trouble!! HA!! So fun to continue hearing about her.

I miss her a lot and continue to wonder what she would be like at 31. What she would be doing, where she would be living, what her kids would look like... it's so easy to get caught up in the what ifs but the truth is she is in the best place she could be - with her Lord and Savior praising Him in His presence! I can't wait till the day when we are reunited and can praise Him together. I can still hear that sweet, effortless voice. It is the voice of an angel.

Monday, February 7, 2011

February #

Our number didn't change this month - still sitting at #47 even though there was movement. We're not sure exactly what happened but numbers can change up or down. It could've been another family who was only on the girl or sibling list was added to the boy list and had their dossier in before we did. We were disappointed to see this number again but we continue to trust that God's timing is perfect for our family. He knows exactly who our son is - we are just so excited to know who he is too! There are a number of families traveling this weekend to bring their kids home so it will make new room for new kids to come into Hannah's Hope.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Baby Shower

Yesterday we showered Beth and James in anticipation of Lucy's big arrival! We had a great time all getting together and what a turn out! So much wonderful love and support. I've been blessed by Beth's friendship for many, many years (18 years? Holy cow!). I'm SO excited for them!!
Welcome Lucy James!
Kate, Jenny, Beth, Marie and I - we were missing Karla, Crystal & Christina and wishing they could be there with us!
It's amazing how close we can be even though we don't see each other much. We have truly been blessed to have such a unique bond!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Snow Day!!

I can't believe WE had a snow day on Friday (it's been since 1986)!! I was skeptical until I actually woke and saw it with my own eyes. Not much but enough to go out and play and of course, shut down the whole city!! No one wants people in San Antonio on the roads with ice and snow =) The girls, Neil and I had SO much fun crunching around, making snow balls and a tiny snowman with cheerio eyes, sledding on boogie boards, drinking hot cocoa - I haven't seen snow since I was 6 years old so I was just as excited about it as Claire!! Eden wasn't too sure at first but ended up having a great time! What a beautiful and blessed day we had together!

Eden's first snow!
My snow bunny!
My snow angel!
Just enough to write it down!

Look at this face!

One of my favorites!!

We walked the creek bed behind our house
What a sweetheart! There's just something about little kids in coats, hats and mittens that I LOVE! (especially mine!)

We had a wonderful time with the Romeros "sledding" down the neighbors driveway! Melanie helped Claire for her first time but after that, she was ready to go by herself!
Claire headed straight for us!

DD pulling Claire up the street!
Eden wasn't about to go "sledding" and just looked at us like we were crazy being out in the cold for that long! She's such a funny girl =) Daddy took her in long before Claire and I were done!
Can't wait for the next snow day!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Pancakes in Pajamas

Thursday was such a fun day at the girl's school!! The kids are studying the letter "P" so they all wore pajamas and had pancakes. Eden was more than excited to go in her monkey PJ's...
Claire was so upset that she had to miss due to her fever =( But she felt pretty special getting a stack of huge blueberry pancakes made just for her and OJ! I assured her that no one at school had these pancakes and that certainly brightened her face right up. She had a full day with just her and daddy (I had to teach after making pancakes since I missed the previous week when Eden was sick). Don't like them missing school but such special time and memories when we get that one on one time together. There's just nothing like it!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Little Mamas

Claire: "Dad, come look! Just like Mama!"
And this is what Neil found...

I have a habit of putting my feet on our coffee table and guess they've caught on!
Of course big sister had to get in on the action after all the attention Eden got!

I pray that's not all my girls see me do. I know little eyes are on me all the time and they are learning from me every second we are together. This is the most important job I will ever have and what a blessing it is!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Look at these boots!
I LOVE kids in boots! Pants in, pants out - who cares!! Just give me my boots and let me play!!

Claire had a blast playing with Jude and Indigo on Monday. They are so good with one another and have the best time. It was a beautiful day so there was a lot of outside time before the big freeze and snow.
Eden and Evie had a good time too =) We got to have yummy cupcakes to celebrate Jude's birthday and guess who loved her chocolate frosting?
Yes - my child is crazy for the sweet stuff! But she sure is cute!

Look at this sweetie! Such a beauty

We had a great time and Rachel and I just gabbed away! By the time we got home Claire was worn out and didn't want anything to do with dinner. She was saying she was so tired and we eventually found she had a pretty high fever. Poor thing - hope we didn't get the other kiddos sick! (Ends up she had fever until Friday morning and was diagnosed with pneumonia when I took her in on Wed.)