Thursday, December 11, 2008

Claire's Christmas Program

Claire had her first Christmas program yesterday morning at her "school" (MDO) and it went as well as expected! Many of you know that Claire isn't a fan of a lot of attention being on her so as soon as she saw us it was drama queen meltdown. I had to hold her the whole time and you can see below what her motivation was to calm down. Mind you, she knows all the songs and movements and does them all the time at home... guess she just wasn't feeling it!

Our friends Alicia, Craig and Tino - their older son Nico is in the same class as Claire but on different days. They both work at NVC with Neil.
"I don't want to do this....."

This says it all...
Pulling herself together for a pic so she can get her treat...
All better now... sweet treat!
I know this is without Eden but she was too peaceful in her car seat

She slept the whole time!

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Crystal and Richard said...

That is my favorite pic of Eden EVER!! So sweet.