Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Eve

We traditionally go to the children's service at my parent's church on Christmas Eve Day and then we celebrate with Neil's family that night with dinner and gifts.

Claire LOVED the service this year and especially loved her wand that they gave her. She kept asking "Where's baby Jesus?" They were telling the story from the beginning so Mary was still prego. It's was super cute! The service has these huge headed characters that make everything super child like. We were afraid Claire would be scared of them but as long as they weren't too close, she was ok with them!

Here's our sweetness looking beautiful in the foyer at UUMC
Claire posing with Mary, baby Jesus and Grandpa - she was in heaven getting this close

Family of Four! Eden wasn't fussing - we just got her when she was making a face

Us with my parents

Then it was off to Mimi and Poppa's to celebrate!

Just getting to Mimi's - I love this dress on her! Notice she still has the wand
The first present opened and boy did she LOVE it! I don't think she realized she had more than one because she wanted to play with it right away. As soon as she saw the boys opening more, she finally got to her other gifts.

Eden hanging out while we opened gifts! She was so good and everyone was surprised to see her wide awake!

This one is blurry but too funny to not post! Claire was digging for more in her doll house box!
The doll house ended up being the favorite toy of the evening - even with the boys!

Justin especially took to it =) He was so sweet playing with the dolls - he's going to be a family man!

Princess Claire! Thanks Aunt Shannon! This has been such a hit =)

The best we could do with all three

I like this pic but wish I didn't have the burp cloth on my shoulder! Oh well - it's mommy time

The Schimelpfening Family Neil and Shannon with their annual pic together!

Neil and Justin with his Planet Hero we got him - we did good this year! Glad we got the tip!

I love this man!

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Dixie said...

Eden looks like a teeny tiny princess in her Christmas dress! What an angel.

Jaylie has that dollhouse. As a matter of fact, I got it for her when she was 18 months old and it has just been replaced this Christmas by the giant Loving Family dollhouse (thanks Nana and Papa). It's funny to see the same toys in other people's house.

Glad y'all had a good Christmas. Your family is beautiful.