Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Decorating Cookies

Claire and I made our first cut out cookies together the other day... well, it was over two days so we could make the dough, chill it for a long time, roll them out, bake and decorate. So a few hours of good fun and 3 shirt changes later, we had cute cookies to eat and give away! She decorated some herself and loved the candy cane shape the best =)

Mixin' the dough -
Can you believe we did it from scratch?! That never happens!

Day 2!! Rollin' out the dough

She loved playing with her pile of flour! What a mess but she had so much fun!

The finished product and a shirt change!
Claire had so much patience waiting to eat one!
Guess which ones Claire decorated?


proud parents said...

So cute! We made sugar cookies and let Ava decorate them the other day. It was so messy, but we had soooo much fun! How did you get your cookies to keep their shape. Ours kind of balooned up and looked like blobs. I need some tips!!

Aubrey said...

I love the pictures. Andy and I were already talking about having a special Christmas cookie to make every year with Lyla. I can't wait for the fun....