Thursday, May 28, 2009

6 months old

Look who turned 6 months old on Monday!

"Who me?"

Yeah, you!! You little cutie pa-too-ti!

Getting feisty with Mr. Bear

How cute is my girl?

What an incredibly sweet and layed back baby Eden is! When she smiles, she smiles with her whole body and her eyes get all squinty. It makes my day!

Here are a few things to remember:

-You LOVE your jumper and you pretty much smile the whole time you're in there.

-You've become very intrigued by the pets in our life especially Rollo

-You are VERY touchy and particular about any touching on your face or head - especially your nose.

-You are a quiet little girl. You don't "talk" much at all except when you're about to fuss and right before you fall asleep. The presleep talking is adorable and we finally got it on video the other day. It's especially cute when you've already closed your eyes and continue to moan and scold.

-Still loving the swaddle and being bounced! We've always known that you love to be sung to but we've newly discovered that it is the best way to get you to calm down. I always start with "Hush-a-bye" and you will stop crying to listen.... no ones ever loved my singing more. Daddy's loves singing the Beatles.

-You LOVE watching your big sister Claire and yall are so cute together.

-You started eating rice cereal and oatmeal and you can't get enough! You are getting very interested in the food that's on our plates too.

-You are showing signs of teething but I'm not positive yet. You do better with oragel when your cry sounds like it's out of pain. You drool and chew your hand constantly and you LOVE your ice teether from Mike and Heather! I think I feel or see something on your top left but it seems too far back to be a first tooth.... time will tell.

-You started sitting up all by yourself right before you turned 6 months. Here are some pics when you were trying to figure out what the heck was going on!

And one more that was too cute - still not too sure!

I couldn't help but post this one! Eden sporting her new bathing suit but she hasn't gone swimming yet. The water was too cold for babies when we wore our suit for a swimming party.

Eden~ You amaze me EVERY day and I can't believe how fast you are growing and changing. I want you to be my little baby forever! Can't wait to see what you will learn this month!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Things to remember about Claire

Today on the ticker it says that Claire is 3 years, 2 months, 2 weeks and 4 days - I say she's more like 13! She seems to have grown up over night and learning all about who she is, what she likes, what she doesn't like, exerting her opinion and independence, being compassionate... the list could go on! There are a number of things I want to remember about what she is saying and doing. These actually cover the past 3 months or so and some of them are hilarious.

Everything she eats has to be separate. She asks for it all to be "on the side" OCD? We'll see?

Claire LOVES to ask questions! She wants to know everything like "do you have a cat or a dog?", "Is that a boy or a girl?", "Is it spicy or sweet?" but my favorites are the why questions and not just a question with one "why" but yes!! two whys?
"Why is that girl doing that, why?"
Her questions that start with a why and then end with a why usually make me smile!

Here are a few quotes to remember:

"This is taking too long for me." We're working on patience!

"Is that a good idea?" SO cute when she asks this!

"Remember that a long, long time ago?"

"I'm so, so _________" - Loving the use of the word "so" usually followed by thirsty, hungry or sleepy

"I remember that yesterday." Yesterday meaning anything that has happened in the past

"Leyna be there?" Something I hear often

"Mike and Heather live on earth." We were talking about how China was far away but that we all live on earth. She thinks Mike and Heather live FAR away too!

"But I don't have a computer in my room!" Yes, a three year old said that! She said this as tears rolled down her face when I told her she couldn't play on the computer but could play in her room by herself if she couldn't calm down... this one was HILARIOUS and one we will never forget!

A few weeks ago "When I get older I'm going to be on the computer by myself, I'll have jewelry, makeup, candles and shoes." Such a girl

The picture below is of our little computer crazed daughter. I had to take a picture because the past month she has grown to love being on it. We watch youtube clips of Disney movies or anything that we're learning about. She loves to play games and will ask me for "" which has her favorites. This amazes me!! She can play by herself by using the mouse, she knows how to turn up and down the volume, click and drag, double click, exit things by finding the X and even more.

Claire is the BEST big sister and is always wanting to help Eden out, hold her, play with her or just know what she is doing! The other week I got to hear their first giggle fest while I was at the drive through at the bank. It was music to my ears! Claire wouldn't stop laughing because Eden was smiling at her in the back seat and she was "licking herself!" according to Claire which meant she was playing with her tongue and fingers.

Claire loves to help feed Eden now that she is eating cereal and she's really good at it too! Claire even does the open mouth like mommy does - how cute is this picture?

The other day Claire was playing with Eden while she was in her jumper. We thought it was so funny because Neil got some good footage of Claire laying underneath her and kissing Eden's bottom! Claire thought it was hilarious and I can't wait for them to get older and see these. A whole new meaning when a sister says "Kiss my butt" or something to that affect!

Swinging on a big girl swing all by herself! She's still learning to pump but I can't believe how big she looks here. Where did my baby go?

Monday, May 18, 2009

Sleeping Beauty

How could I resist sharing this picture of my Sleeping Beauty?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Healthy and Loving it!

Thank God we have now all been healthy for the last week! Our turn of the stomach bug was terrible and I was more than ready for things to be back to normal. Everything just goes so much better when kiddos are feeling well... take a look...

Playing with daddy in the Dora tent

Would you like some cheese with that? Enjoying her snack and shoes like I've never seen before!
Ready for her first dip in the water this summer!
Tummy time queen - she's awesome and even started sitting up a bit this week

Playing with daddy - melts my heart!
Out to eat with Neil's family to celebrate Mother's Day with Mimi
Daddy's girls

Monday, May 11, 2009

Jumper and Bath Videos

Here are some cute videos to go with the last post of firsts! The jumper video is so cute of her laughing and figuring out that it is fun. The bath video is just a classic so here you go! I really, REALLY wanted to post the eating video because it is so cute. Eden is adorable but Claire's commentary is SO sweet and it captures how she talks to Eden every day. I'm going to try to figure out how to make the file smaller because it's too cute not to post.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

A lot of firsts

This week was a big one filled with a lot of firsts for Eden!! She started blubbing, sticking her tongue out to copy us, played in her big girl jumper, ate her first cereal and took her first big girl bath with sister! She's been a busy bee and just growing like a weed... what a sweetie pie she is.

Checking things out and not so sure! She really isn't even tall enough for it but I held her legs and bounced her a little bit and she just smiled. Thanks Lauren for letting us borrow it!

Lovin' it !
Eating rice cereal! We started it this week because I thought I'd be gone all day Saturday and we thought it might help tied her over since she still isn't taking a lot from the bottle. I wasn't going to start till 6 months but she's already 5 1/2 so I thought it'd be just fine. Ends up I was here Saturday after all but we've still given it to her a few more times.

These pictures don't capture just how much she loved it! She couldn't get enough and loved getting the spoon in her mouth. Isn't it funny how mommies open their mouths like the mama birds? I love this picture of us!

Bath time with the bumbo! Eden wasn't too sure at first especially since I put too much water in the tub and she was floating like a boat. I kept my hand on her till I realized that if I took water out, she'd be better off and stick to the bottom.
Big sister helping out! I said "Claire, put some water on her" and where did she put it? Right over her head! Eden hardly flinched but Claire got a quick lesson on where to pour the water on baby sister.
"Mom, why do you always have to take pictures? I'm naked!"

What a fun age we are coming upon! I already miss my infant, tiny girl but every stage is so memorable and wonderful! Can't wait to have her sitting up and playing more with Claire. They've started laughing at each other and it melts my heart!

Friday, May 8, 2009

40th Anniversary Party

On April 12th my parents celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary!! 40 years... that actually amazes me because I can't even think about being ALIVE for 40 years! I pray that Neil and I get that much time together - all we need is 34 more! To celebrate we had a big party at the neighborhood clubhouse on May 2nd with a tropical theme in hopes that they will finally go on that cruise they've been talking about for years.

I set up a table with some old pictures and other memorabilia. Here are some of the old wedding photos with some fun trivia for the guests! You can click on the picture to see it bigger and get a better look at how beautiful it all was and what the questions were. My mom made her veil and they met in high school in typing class - high school sweethearts
This lovely pair has survived all of the moves my family has made! They were at the reception.
A picture of almost everyone! I think we were missing about 3 people but in all about 40 were there to celebrate. They were troopers to get in so close together for this special picture that will be printed and put in a frame decorated for the event.

If you can see, there is a painting above the fireplace in the background of them on their wedding day. It was a really neat thing to have up and everyone loved it!

The fam minus the girls and Michael - Billy, Heather, Jennifer, Mom, Dad, Me and Neil

Photo ops while cleaning up!
A sweet kissy pic!

Love this one!!
Jennifer, Mom and Heather - The hibiscus garland was draped across the fireplace

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Busy weekend

Well, two weekends ago, before we all got sick, we had such a great time that I wanted to remember it! It was a very busy weekend with Fiesta fun, birthday fun and just family time together. Here's the run down...

Thursday Neil and I got a date night to NIOSA! We hadn't been out since before Vday so it was about time. This is the 4th year we've gone to eat junk and spend more money than the food it worth but we always have a good time. We have our favorite eats! We get there early and leave before it gets too crazy! Thanks mom and dad for watching the girls!
Friday morning it was off to take Claire to her first parade with mom and Grandma! She had a great time but was a little overwhelmed at first as you can see in the first picture. Not too sure about it all but finally got into it. her favorites were of course the Princesses and the horses but they were "stinky" =)

Havin fun with mom! We got perfect seats in front of the Alamo Plaza and missed the rain!

Enjoying the marching band - this is Grandma's favorite and Claire loved recognizing so many of the instruments!
Claire warming up and waving to everyone she thought was waving just to her!

Claire's favorite - it's a tradition for everyone to shout "Show me your shoes" and the princesses go by and they pick up their long dresses to show everyone. A lot wear cowboy boots but some wear goofy shoes too. I don't really know why they do this so anyone who knows, leave a comment.
How cool is this guy?
The girls in their pretty Fiesta gear riding side saddle
After a quick nap on the way home, it was off to Abbey's 3rd birthday party! These girls are so sweet together and have been friends since Abbey arrived 7 weeks after Claire Bear.

They kept trying and trying to both comfortably fit into Abbey's car!
Birthday Girl blowing out her candles
Kate, Eden and I enjoying some cake - Kate and I've been friends since the 4th grade!

Saturday morning it was early to rise to participate in the Hager Walk/Run out in Spring Branch. We know the Hager's family needs through my sweet friend, Jennifer Thomasson, so we did what we could to raise money for them. The father has 2 small boys and has terminal cancer leaving them without life insurance. Breaks my heart.... please pray for them and for God's miracles to be ever present. He can heal

Family picture!

Sunday night we hosted our life group so it was a busy day to get ready for that....
Whew! A long but fun weekend - maybe this was all that sent our family down the tubes with illness. I need to really know our limits and protect us all from being completely worn down. This is probably one of my biggest faults.... I want to be involved in everything and I like to stay busy, busy. I don't want to pass that to my girls so I need to learn to slow down more! Believe me, I've already come a LOOOOONG way with this one!