Friday, September 25, 2009


How else did Eden celebrate turning 10 months old? Hanging out with her favorite feline - Rollo! Rollo is such a good sport and very forgiving with Eden. She's getting a little more gentle but now that Eden's getting more mobile, Rollo runs away from her a lot! I haven't been able to get pics of the two together but did this day. Look out Rollo!

"Hey mom! Look at me!"

We love you Rollo!

It's swing time

How cute are these pics from the park the other week? Eden's first time in a bucket swing and she LOVED it! She was celebrating 10 months old with a neighborhood playgroup.

Hmmmm.... not too sure about this....

Having the time of her life!

I spy something white and sharp

After much anticipation, whining, drool and gnawing, I saw Eden's first tooth shadow on Sunday afternoon! (almost 10 months old) It's her front bottom right. It finally broke through Tuesday which I thought would bring some relief but not so much. Poor thing is having a tough time but she'll make it through with some good ole Tylenol, Ora-gel, frozen teethers and these new teething tablets that are all natural that I found - she LOVES those! So my baby continues to grow up....

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Eating, Crawling and Clapping (and more) - Oh, My!

Lots of changes happening the past week!

Eden is now eating her puffs by herself & trying more table food everyday. She LOVES her beans, watermelon and cantulope! Here is a video of one of her first days eating the puffs with Neil... it's SOOO cute! She continues to blow raspberries because she knows it makes daddy laugh!

She has been up and trying for a long time now - probably about three weeks! We've been anticipating it for days now and yesterday, she did it! This first video is when she was just rotating and rolling to get what she wants. That day it was the phone and it's too cute not to share! The second video is of her just yesterday getting her knees going with the rest of her body. And what else did she do yesterday? She pulled herself up on the laundry basket and now she's hooked and wanting to do it all the time.

Look at this stance! She's so smart =)

As she is trying to still figure out this crawling thing, I caught her doing the bear crawl a few times yesterday and was lauging so hard!

Oh! This is one of my favorite things! I LOVE it when babies learn how to clap and wave bye-bye and Eden is now doing both. This video was about a week ago. She's growing up fast!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The close of summer

It's been the HOTTEST summer here in San Antonio. Most of the time it was even too hot to go swimming so we celebrated the turn of cooler weather (low 90's) with a trip to the pool as a family. We had a great time! Eden loved getting in the water and Claire had a great time with her floatie. She's getting more and more comfrotable in the water. I already can't wait till the next time we get to go swimming together =)

Daddy's girl

Look at that curly tongue!
My girls!

Sweet face
Miss A-TI-TUDE!! She didn't want her picture taken the whole time

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Funny Claire

Oh, what comes out of a three year old's mouth - sometimes it makes you do a double take in disbelief but so many times it leaves you smiling and trying so hard to hide your laughter! I open my funny Claire quotes blog with a sweet video I caught a couple weeks ago of her doing some of her favorite things - washing dishes, dressing up (that hour it was Minnie Mouse) and singing. It's hard to catch her singing so I'm glad I got a little bit!


Now for the funnies!

- "Let's pretend I'm a bean and cheese taco!"

- Out of the clear blue "Oooooo.... I love her SO much!" talking about Eden

- Mom: "Claire, I'm going to make sure Aunt Heather has everything she needs to feed Eden"
Claire: very confused look... "She's going to feed Eden with her boobies?!"

- Rollo had been acting funny to me and I was a little concerned. I went up to her one day and asked "are you ok?" which spawned a whole conversation about how we don't live forever, death, etc. After she looked really sad about Rollo possibly not being with us, her face lit up and she exclaimed, "We can just get a dog!"

- When expecting a woman named Nancy coming over, I asked "Who's here Claire?" and she said "Fancy!" - SO cute! She had never even met this woman. Crystal and I had to really hold it together!

- After some SA heat, Claire felt her shirt under her arm and said "Mama, my arm peed!"

- We are heavy into catalog season. We get one almost everyday in the mail! Claire likes to sit in her little chair, cross her legs and point to things saying "Maybe I can get this for my birthday? or maybe Christmas?" Lately she's also been kind enough to ask for things for her sister. And what is the one item she always finds for herself? A play vanity with pretend makeup! Such a girl

- Lately there are a lot of conversations that start with "When I get older..." here are some of the things she looks forward to (without ANY coaxing what-so-ever):
"getting boobies"
"shaving her legs" (she likes to tell me when I need to shave mine!)
"wear makeup"
"have a phone"
"go to college"

Oh! I can't believe what we will be facing in the future! I just want her to be my little girl and she wants to grow up so fast already.

Monday, September 14, 2009

These are a few of her favorite things....

Ahhh... I'm singing the wonderful song from "Sound of Music" that somehow got turned into a Christmas song... Anyway, Eden is changing everday and I thought I'd share some of her favorite things right now. Hard to believe she is only 10 days shy of 10 months. I'm thinking about her birthday party which looks like it'll be ladybugs upon big sister's request!

Eden's my little drummer and will "play" just about anything! Here she is with a wooden spoon, a block and some bowls. This was my way of entertaining her when I was trying to make phone calls for work.

Eden can't get enough play time with her sister and daddy. This pictures makes ME want to get in on the fun!
Eden LOVES anything with buttons but especially the phone. She's also a huge fan of the remote controls and calculator. Her little pointer finger gets a work out!

Love anything that makes sound. Here she is playing the glockenspiel - no, it's not a xylophone because it's made of metal, not wood. We've called it the wrong thing forever!
Always loving those books
The past week and a half our little girl has decided she wants to use her pointer finger to point to everything! It's pretty funny because she's so into detail with that pointer.

Eden loves spending time with her Grandparents -here she is with Mimi and Grandma on Labor Day. Notice she is pointing to the bird's beak!
Loving her bath time and REALLY loving grandma doing the honors. This is my mom's favorite thing to do. That and lather babies in lotion! Eden is happiest bathing next to the mirror so she can check herself out but she is usually in the big bath now. She's growing out of her tub!

Miss Curlie Q!
My baby taco
Stay tuned for crawling, eating and clapping!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

"Jesus Send the Rain"

If you haven't heard this song by Mercy Me, it's a goodie. I was recently reminded of the power of this song when I saw it on a friend's Facebook headline and heard it on the radio today. She has shown me great strength while she has just been faced with an incredibly trying time. It amazes me how God can be glorified in situations that seem impossible to us. In our weakness, He is strong.... praying for you....

It DID rain here yesterday and we had a wonderful time playing in it and thanking God for the relief from the heat we've been suffering from here.

Claire and her beautiful locks waiting for the clouds to open up
Claire taking a pic of me - can you tell I'm excited?

I promise she was having a great time!
So was sweet Eden but she was feeling a little left out so.....
she went out to feel the rain too!


The past two-three weeks have been a huge transition for our family. With the beginning of school comes busier hours for Neil, Claire back to MDO, me back to teaching privately. I've also taken on some more responsibilities with church so right about now.... I'm exhausted! Amidst all the go here, do this, I'm still blessed with the moments I have with my girls. It never ceases to amaze me how hard being a mom can be but how completely and utterly rewarding it is. I wouldn't change it for the world.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Eden's pics take 2!

First of all a BIG thank you to Jenny for coming out again to retake some good ones of Eden by herself. Just as you said, it's amazing what a nap and a overcast day can do! I just love them and it certainly captured my sweet baby at this stage. Especially when she is inspecting the grass - she's discovering everything these days!