Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Home and Halloween pics

I'm really not supposed to be sitting up much at all so this will have to be quick! Neil is working on getting a wireless router so I can use his work laptop during the day - He has been WONDERFUL and taking such good care of me and especially Claire!

I got home around 5:30 or so yesterday and it is great to be here (not to mention much less expensive)! My doctor said since nothing had changed that she didn't see why I couldn't be on bed rest at home as long as I'm good!! She said I can get up to go to the bathroom and take a shower. I can't drive or really shouldn't be in the car as a passenger yet. She sent me home taking the procardia just the same to continue subsiding the contractions. I really only get them if I'm not laying down so I guess I know why she wants me to stay on my side. Let me tell you, it's tough! At the hospital I didn't need to do anything but here I could do dishes, scrapbook, laundry, pickup things, etc. and so I have to really make myself stay laying down. I have an appointment on Monday so she'll give me an update then. She wants me to make it to 35 weeks safely so I'm thinking bed rest at least until then.

I think that's really it on how things are going. Claire stayed with her Aunt Shannon today and I know she had a blast. Thank you Shannon! SO many have asked to help out and I'm working on getting plans for Claire the next 3 weeks so I probably will be taking you up on it. Here are pics from Claire's Halloween afternoon at my mom's work and some from our stay at the hospital. Claire was always wanting to help out =)

My kitty cat outside the hospital (where my mom works). She kind of got to trick or treat there which is good because she didn't get to go to the trunk or treat at church Friday night =(

What a good grandma! She gave Claire yummy pretzels in halloweeny shapes

Claire and Grandma waiting for the cafeteria to open for lunch!

Hanging out in Labor Delivery Friday night

What a sexy gown!

Claire holding Eden's heart monitor on my tummy - the sweetest nurse I had!
The only way we could get Claire to take a pic on Sunday was to do silly faces but then she warmed up and we got the sweetest picture together
I LOVE this picture - me and my angel


Crystal said...

Beautiful girls!!!!

Michelle said...

Please let me know how I can help you! I would be happy to keep Claire or just take her to the park or something to give you a break and let Claire run some energy out! Anything else I can do...just let me know.