Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Her Imagination

Things to remember:

- Claire loves to talk to all sorts of inanimate objects and toys...she usually gets a response when Daddy's around.

- Goo Goo, Gee Gee and Gi Gi – Elmo and Angela book

- “That’s ok?”

- “That’s ok, mama…” when she’s reassuring me that what she is doing is fine even when it’s not! I wish I could record the look on her face.

- Her obsession with purses and bags

- "Whatstheirnames?" - Always wondering people's names (well, anything's names)

- Claire has learned the art of bargaining and she learned it from us! When we eat we usually have to tell her to eat 2 bites of this before she can have bread or whatever we are having. So the past few weeks she’s turned the tables on us. The other week she was asked to take 3 more bites and she said “two?” – what a smarty pants! Then at Costco the other day she asked daddy “If I eat my hotdog, I have ice cream?” It’s pretty funny!

- Her constant need to pretend something or hear a story! She recently likes to tell us (usually daddy) that she is someone or something and we are someone else. Her favorites right now are Bert and Ernie, Mama and Baby, Arthur and DW
Here is a story she made up as we went along:

Claire: sitting at the kitchen table before bed “Mama, I wanna talk”

Mama: “What do you want to talk about?”

C: “Animals?”
M: “Ok what animals?”
C: “Lions and tigers… I met a lion.”
M: “Really? Where did you meet him?”
C: “At Sea World I was walking in the forest.”
M: “What was his name?”
C: “Choo Choo!”
M: “Wow! Was he a big lion or a small lion?”
C: “Small…. He was tiny” she put her fingers together to show tiny and holds it up to her eye
M: “Did he have a little roar or a big roar?”
C: “A little roar… he was tiny.”

Isn’t that cute? I just love this age!

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