Friday, November 21, 2008

Really funny!

OK - I just got done playing "school" with Claire. She was the teacher; a stuffed monkey, baby doll and mini Barbie were the students and I was the mama that they would come home to. Claire taught them the alphabet, numbers, about babies and eventually about mamas... Well, when mini Barbie asked Teacher Claire "What do mamas do?" She replied "lay on the couch" - I laughed so hard and loud!! When asked what else they do, she said "sit" and apparently they don't do anything else.... even though it was funny it did make me kind of sad to think she doesn't remember all the other good things I do for her.

Also, earlier this week when she came to wake me up she crawled in our bed, patted my tummy and said "Eden still in there?" and when I said yes she of course wondered "why?"

This girl is definitely feeling the change - every time she wakes up from her nap she asks "Someone coming to my house?" She's getting so used to having people here that it disappoints her when I tell her it's just her and me. She's going to be in shock a few weeks after Eden is born and we aren't having company all the time!

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Aubrey said...

Kids say the silliest things. Don't let it upset you. It's hard for her to think back. I'm glad you are doing well and that Eden is still holding on. Let's hope for a few more weeks!

I'll be praying God makes the change easy on Claire.

Take care...