Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Eden Noel is here!

As most of you know, Eden Noel has arrived! She came on Tuesday, Nov 25th at 3:01 p.m. and was 35 weeks 1 day old. You'd never guess by her stats! She is a big girl for her gestation! She was 6 lbs. 10 oz. and 19.5 inches long - just as long as Claire was.

Although she doesn't look premature, her lungs are so she has been in the NICU. This has been challenging for us because we haven't gotten to hold her since minutes after her birth. We do get to sit by her side and today I got to change some yucky diapers, feed her through her feeding tube and take her temp. I'm hoping to be there for her bath tomorrow and take part in that! She is progressing well and hasn't had any scares yet. Just having to get help with her oxygen. After that is stable she will have to work on sucking and breathing at the same time so she will be able to eat without a feeding tube. Overall, we are so blessed and thankful that she is as healthy and strong as she is... what a wonderful Thanksgiving... I'm not looking forward to leaving tomorrow without her sweet face but I know it could be so much worse. Please continue to pray for her to be strong and continued progress. The last we heard was that if she didn't have any major set backs she could be here for 7-8 days. I'm not really taking much of that talk to heart because I know how things can change so quickly.

So many have asked about Claire... well, she's not doing too hot so please pray for her as well. She has had a tough few days with her not feeling well and not understanding why I don't have Eden in my tummy but she can't see her. She has seen pics and video but earlier wanted to see her. She can't visit in the NICU till Sat. but we probably won't even get to do that because of her persistent cough. They have a strict policy because of RSV season and don't want the tiny babies exposed to anything. Anyway, I feel bad for her and wish she could just understand everything.

Thanks for everyone's prayers! Here are a few first minute shots of Eden. We of course have a TON of pics already but I can only attach a few. I will be updating my blog tomorrow, posting more pics at home and posting a shutterfly link as soon as I get the pics uploaded. You won't want to miss them! She is simply beautiful and perfect! She looks a lot like Claire as a one day old but it's so hard to tell. She is a lot less puffy today and her hair looks like soft down feathers. Hope you all are doing well!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

First picture with mommy and daddy!

Proud Daddy! I love this picture - Eden's looking right at her first love!

Eden before she was hooked up to all the machines and before her bath!

Eyes open! This has been rare to catch but she was wide awake while I changed her diaper this evening. She has a tube on her nose to help her with her oxygen and the tube in her mouth is used to feed her 15 mL every 3 hours. She eats what I'm able to pump but then is supplemented with formula to make up the 15 mL. As soon as my milk comes in she should probably be able to take just breast milk unless she starts losing weight. She only went down to 6 lb.s 6 oz.


Dinfurch said...

Yeah for Eden! Congratulations!!! She is a real cutie. We had wanted to come and visit but I think we can wait a while and visit once she comes home. Congrats again!

Ginger Press said...

I am so happy for you guys! We will pray that she continues to do well and that you get to hold her soon. I am sure that it is very difficult not to be able to pick her up. It is wonderful that she is so big and healthy. Congratulations!