Sunday, November 2, 2008


Well, I'm still here and wanted to write before bed - I'm not on an ambien tonight so hopefully this post will be better composed than my last!

I got to see my doctor, Dr. Shannon Gallagher, this morning and she let me know that I'm going to be here for at least a week. Hopefully that means no longer than Friday. My contractions are still happening about 2-4 times an hour but they are not strong at all. If I were just having the contractions I could probably go home but the effacement is the big concern. They want to continue my medication, procardia, to control the contrations and after taking me off sometime this week, they want to observe how my body will react without it.

I was moved to the antepartum unit today which means I'm not as critical and that's a good sign. I also got my IV taken out and I'm not constantly on the fetal and contraction monitors. They put me on the monitors every shift for about an hour and check Eden's heartbeat about every 4 hours. She has been a happy little girl in there with her normal kicking and dancing along with a strong heartbeat. She hasn't shown any distress which is great!! I'm only allowed to get up to use the bathroom and sit up when I'm eating so it's tough to be lying down on my side the rest of the time. I have leg compressors on to prevent blood clots and I actually like them =) It's like little calf massages! Fortunately, I was given the a-ok to take a quick shower sitting down so I felt a little more human today.

I must say I have been spoiled today! Neil brought me Chinese for dinner so I didn't have to endure hospital food again and my mom and brother brought me a decaf pumpkin spice latte - thank you so much! The highlight of my day was of course my time with Claire. Neil's parent's brought her up today - the hardest thing being here is not being with her. I miss her terribly and I swear she looked older today! She is the sweetest and showed her nurturing ways even with me. She says "Mama, I wanna take care of you" with the most empathetic look on her face. It melts my heart! She played doctor for about 20 minutes today with us pretending to put tape on us, squirt gel on us and ask us if it hurt. What a sweetheart... Thank you Gene and Elaine for bringing her up today!

Neil and I have been overwhelmed by everyone's generosity. So many have graciously offered their help and we thank you with all of our hearts. It's amazing how people can uplift you just by simply saying we love you and are praying for you! If we need help with anything I promise to take you up on it. God has been so good to us and has blessed us with such a wonderful family and friends.

I will try to be on everyday since I have plenty of time to kill. Continue praying for Eden to take her time!


Kristin said...

Hey Kathryn! I figured you would probably read this more often than your email. Please let me know what I can do...if you need dinners or help watching Claire. I am so glad you are doing better but we continue to pray for you and Eden. We love you and hopefully will get to talk with you soon.
Kristin, Josh, Ethan, and Isaiah

Aubrey said...

Hey Kathryn,

I just wanted you to know that Andy and I, along with my mom and my bible study are praying for you and Eden. You seem so at peace, and that is such a good thing. Keep trusting that God is going to to get you and Eden through this. I strongly believe (as I think you do to) that this will end with a healthy baby girl and a healthy mom. Please let us know if there is anything we can do. Now that Andy is home, he can come in town during the day if you and Neil need help with Claire, or anything. Just have Neil call. Take care and keep us posted.

Amanda Panda said...

Hey chica! Wow, how do you take a shower laying down??? You are always so positive, you are a good role model for me. My mom has to wear compression hose everyday for leg circulation problems, but she's not crazy about them at all. She says it takes a crane just to get her in and out of them and she's all wore out before she even starts the day.
Well, you know we're all praying for you (at both life groups). Try not to get too bored and stir-crazy in that hospital bed.