Thursday, July 22, 2010

A moth, a caterpillar and a bite

An eventful day!! We have had this strange cocoon in a crystal light container since July 4th. Neil's parents gave it to us after they had it for two weeks. It was large, off white and you could hear something moving inside of it. A little creepy but kept our interest. Well, today we finally met the mystery resident!! This AMAZING and beautiful moth was already out when we woke up this morning. He quickly flew away after we caught some good pics. I still have to post about Lucy and Tweety - the two swallowtail butterflies that we watched emerge from their cocoons. I'm a little cocoon crazy this summer but loving sharing this with Claire! An incredible science project right in our home!

Next event was creating this caterpillar after seeing my friend Rachel post it on her blog. Thanks for the idea Rachel! Her kids are doing an at home Carle art camp and I just couldn't pass up this easy, fun craft with Claire.
We then had some cousin time at Mimi and Poppa's today and had yummy lunch!! Shannon had gallbladder surgery which went well - didn't get pictures of our lunch time but this foot made it really hard to play at all:

Claire's right foot got an ant bite yesterday (in between her toes) while we were out at the park for playgroup. She didn't even tell me when it happened but I noticed a little swelling later in the afternoon. By the evening, it was large but this morning it was spreading up her foot/ankle and it was feverish. This pic was taken in the morning and when it got worse throughout the day, I took her in to see the dr. He seemed a bit concerned with how it was spreading away from the actual bite site. We came home with an antibiotic to protect it from becoming a staph infection, topical ointment and we are keeping it elevated as much as possible. She also gets to soak it in warm water mixed with bleach. She is loving the extra loving care and carrying around as she can't even get a shoe on her foot. She can't even walk on it. Most of all I think she is loving her extra TV time =)

Last July, Claire had a spider bite on the same foot. Can't believe how similar it looks minus the pussy bite. Please pray for her to heal fast and have a good nights rest. She was up twice last night complaining of pain.


dan and rachel said...

that moth is spectacular. awesome!

Kimberly said...

I hope Claire gets better soon! are a much better mother than I am. I can't believe you touched that moth!! I am literally shuddering!! We had a DEAD grasshopper in the breakfast room earlier this week and I kept the kids out of there all day until Kurt could get home to pick it up! That being said, the moth did look pretty cool in the pictures. Just glad I didn't see it in person. :)

dan and rachel said...

love the spoons song and LOVE ben folds' the luckiest! it's one of my favorites.