Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Birthday Party

My wonderful, thoughtful hubby put together a dinner party with family and childhood friends at Carino's! It was such a special evening. Thank you Neil for planning such a fun evening to ring in a new decade!

The most wonderful husband EVER!
My older brother could finally tease me about getting older!! He and Heather made the trip in from Austin just for dinner. It was so sweet of them!
Jayme was able to make it while Shawn and Jacin had some boy time together! Jayme and I have gotten close the past 6 months - she is such a supportive and wonderful friend!
Crystal and Richard - Crystal and I met in choir in 6th grade!
Billy made it too! Meant so much to have him there! Claire was so excited she got to come out and stay late while Eden stayed home with a sitter =)
Mom and Dad - The reason I have a birthday at all! Thanks for everything! (Claire took this picture! She's a great photographer!)
Gene and Elaine - Claire took this pic too!
Neil and J.J. - We've known J.J. since '95!
Erin and Lezlee - what incredible friends to have by my side!
Jeremy and Eric make such a cute couple!
Marie and Dennis - Marie and I have known each other since 4th grade and finally got to be friends in high school. Both in choir, both LSU grads - we were roommates in college for 2 years and have such a special relationship.
Jenny and Danny - I've known Jenny since the 4th/5th grade but we got to be good friends in middle school through choir! Danny graduated with Neil and was also in choir =)
Kate and I - 20 years...we met playing softball at northwest little league! Go Bluejays (we were the worst team in the league for the longest time!) Who would've thought we'd still be together?
This was the BEST cake from Sweet Secrets - thanks mom for bringing the cake and flowers!
Claire was SO good and was in heaven sitting between Billy and Heather!
Just the three of us!
Mike squeezing the breath out of me - He is the BEST big brother a girl could ask for! We're 11 years apart!
Love this pic of Heather and I
Thanks everyone for coming to celebrate with us! Missed those who couldn't be with us!

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dan and rachel said...

great photos! looks like a wonderful day!

may this be your best decade yet!