Saturday, July 10, 2010

Adopted For Life

Last week I finished an A-MAZING book called "Adopted for Life: The Priority of Adoption for Christian Families & Churches" by Russell D. Moore. It took me awhile to get through because of all the craziness that was going on here but I highly recommend it to everyone. Not just people who have had even a tiny thought about adopting but EVERYONE! It speaks about our adoption through Christ and how we as Christians are all called to respond to the orphan crisis of our world. He recognizes that we are not all called to adopt but we are all called to respond some how - prayer for these children without families, financial support for other families and programs to help orphans/orphanages, spreading the word of our redemption through Christ, speaking and bringing awareness of adoption in our churches and communities... there are countless ways!

Here is an excerpt from the book along with a video that YOU MUST SEE!! The video has been floating around the adoption blog world for the past month or so and worth every second to watch. I pray that you read and watch it with open hearts, ears and minds. I also pray that is sparks something in you and moves you to respond one way or another. So many of you have been great support to us and we couldn't do it without you. And who knows? Maybe God is whispering in your heart to join us on this adoption journey to bring YOUR child home to their forever family!

p. 214 "Adopted for Life"
"The reality, though, is that in most ways parenting is parenting, and growing up is growing up. It's always hard. Some unique challenges go along with adoption - challenges related to finding a sense of belonging, to discipline and discipleship, to answering questions about origins. Count these as all joy. They point all of us - not just kids who were adopted - to the gospel. The gospel welcomes us and receives us as loved children. The gospel disciplines us and prepares us for eternity as heirs. The gospel speaks truth to us and shows us our misery in Adam and our glory in Christ. The gospel shows us that we were born into death and then shows us, by free grace, that we're adopted for life."

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dan and rachel said...

great, great, GREAT video. LOVED it. thank you for sharing!