Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Lucy and Tweety

I'd like you all to meet the newest critters of our home - Lucy and Tweety! Aren't they beautiful?!
Uncle Mike and Aunt Heather were in town last night so we all got together at mom and dad's for a Father's Day dinner. These little guys were found on the parsley in the garden. Mike was so excited to show the girls!
Eden had to be very gentle and loved them =) She did quickly lose interest and moved to climbing and moving chairs!
You can guess who has become obsessed?! Miss Claire is of course the one who named the caterpillars and was so thankful that Mike let her take them home. She is fascinated by how fast they eat and how often they poop - I'd say I am too! These things poop a lot and it's much bigger than I'd expect.
After spending the night in Claire's room, they were stared at for hours this morning and moved around the whole house. We searched online and found out that they will turn into Black Swallowtail butterflies and we can't wait. Couldn't find how long they will be caterpillars or how long they will be in their cocoon but don't worry - I'll be documenting it for us and for Mike who wasn't too sure about giving these guys up. (Just got a text that Heather found Mike two of his own in their garden!)

Lucy and Tweety even made an appearance at HEB today. They were on their way to playgroup when I had to stop to pick up some things for lunch. It's so darn hot here already that they got a prime spot in the cart right by the colored goldfish. They got a lot of attention!

A huge thanks to Mike for letting Claire keep the caterpillars. I'm so excited to watch them and use it as an opportunity to teach Claire and Eden about the whole process. We've read and learned all about it but to watch it actually happen will be quite memorable! And just like the caterpillars, how we become a new creation through Jesus as our Lord. We transform into HIS image everyday!

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Tara aka "Mama Koala" said...

They are very beautiful! I love the last picture in the grocery cart-made me laugh, and Claire looks so proud-adorable!