Tuesday, July 27, 2010

20 months old

Yes - my baby is 20 months! Eden is really showing her independence more and more these days! She's really learning how to share and be gentle which is really important in our household =) Here is my big girl mesmerized by a calculator on her 20 month day. Buttons of any kind seem to intrigue her:
Our sweet Eden is still obsessed with shoes! Loved this picture of her! She is finally wearing most 18 month clothes but is still wearing a lot of 12 month.
Nothing better than forts with Claire! Daddy built this one with the girls and of course every character was invited. Eden's imagination is growing everyday which we love to see. Along with her imagination, her language is also growing! Still can't understand everything but she certainly knows what she is saying. My favorite thing she says right now is "Thank you" - too cute!

Eden loves being with her daddy and being silly. Although our girl is on the serious side, she loves to make everyone laugh!
Chewing on her fingers as she is still working on a ton of teeth. Teething has been tough! poor thing - she has finally gotten most of her molars but still missing all her eye teeth. The pattern continues to be unique!
A few other random things to remember:
- More and more she wants to be just like sister. Say the same things and even sit the exact same way. So cute but even more responsibility for Claire to be a good example.
- She has a few more favorite songs this month. Her top one by far is combined with a video on youtube - the Orange on Sesame Street singing "Carmen". She is actually obsessed and asks for it throughout the day by puckering her lips and singing her best opera voice. LOVE it! In the car she has learned to say "again" for her favorite song "Skinnermarink" - she even does the hand movements! She continues to love all things Wiggles
- She is saying Mimi, Poppa, Grandma and Grandpa in her own little way =)
- She loves the water in any shape or form!
- She is pretty much refusing to eat in her high chair because she wants to sit in a big chair like sister. This makes meals really difficult but I'm trying to choose my battles wisely.

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Tara aka "Mama Koala" said...

The pictures are adorable-she is growing up! I love the black and white picture...her expression is priceless.