Friday, July 2, 2010

19 months

Last week my precious baby girl turned 19 months old. And this week her mama finally got her in to see the dr. for her 18 month appointment. I've never left the office from a wellness check without scheduling the next one but alas, I did and realized about a week ago that she hadn't been =) So here are her stats from Tuesday along with some pics from the dr. office:

Length - 32 inches (50%)
Head - 17.5 (?%)
Weight - 23 lbs. 2 oz. (about 20th%)

She got this excited over antibacterial hand wash! LOVE this picture! Can you believe this smile? Gotta love some Cat in the Hat!
She's my growing girl! Our visit went well and Dr. Gulde was very pleased with everything. I answered yes to every question he asked for her development - this is the first time I've been able to do that (but the extra month might have helped!) Eden didn't cry once while she was being poked and prodded. I was so proud of her. She did wail for about 10 sec. as she got her Hepatitis A shot. All afternoon she would say "ow" and point to her leg. What a sweetie!

So Eden at 19 months is very different than Eden at 18 months. She has grown leaps and bounds with pretty much everything from length, speech, imagination and even her hair! Here are some things I want to remember along with some sweet pictures. Don't miss the video at the bottom of the post of her "talking"! It's too cute - she usually labels body parts better but she got a bit shy on me.

- Eden is pretending all the time these days. Wonder where she picked that up?! Her favorite thing to pretend with are her baby dolls. She will insist they are wrapped up in a blanket and then she will cradle them while shushing us to be quiet! If one of them "cries" then she gets that concerned, puckered mouth face on and quickly picks them up for hugs. She will feed them with the bottle and more than anything, loves to put them in the stroller or shopping cart to be pushed around the entire house. Here she is with the baby carrier.
Taking a stroll - notice her babies have a blanket again!
Claire and Eden play so nicely with each other - for the most part! Still learning how to share but I'm impressed with how well they respond to "Claire's turn" and "Eden's turn". They will hand things back and forth even if they fuss a little.

-Eden's love for animals hasn't faded one bit! She is still giddy with every dog and cat she comes across. Here she is with Hunter, Neil's sister's dog, who stayed with us for about 4 days. Unless something drastic changes her 2nd bday party will be all about cats - still her favorite!

- I couldn't resist taking this picture. Eden has been doing a great time with her time outs. She almost always goes straight there when asked and will have her nose in the corner. She is getting better about really listening when we talk about things afterwards and saying her "sorry" and giving hugs and kisses. Seems to be working better than I anticipated with how strong willed she has proven to be. Claire's example has really helped a ton.
- Her vocab has grown so much I can't even write down all she is saying but my favorites are: bye-bye, too? (for when she wants something also), Billy, Care (Claire), uh-oh is still music to my ears, book, TD which is TV

- Eden is singing more and more - I know I say that almost every post but she really does! Her favorites to sing are "Bow Wow" from the Wiggles, "Jesus Loves Me", "ABC" song - all of course in her own language except "Bow Wow" is clear as day. I want to capture this on video!

- Eden loves the water. She is cautious at first but certainly not fearful. My goal is to get her in the pool a lot this summer to avoid the fear that Claire got. I don't think we exposed Claire enough so Eden will be a little prune this summer - a prune with some heavy duty sunscreen!
We have 2 neighborhood pools, I bought a baby pool for the house, we play with the sprinkler and we've even played in the rain this week! Here she is sporting her cute suit from Heather Adam's from her 1st bday. Thanks Heather! Taking a break from the sprinkler
- Can't resist a naked picture! Look at that cute little tooshie =) One of her favorite things to do right now is run around without any clothes one. As soon as I take something off she runs! She thinks it's pretty funny and I've been trying to let her go with just her diaper on a lot more lately. This shot is rare though!
- Eden has caught onto us praying. Super cute! She puts her hands together as soon as we start and looks around from the corner of her eyes. It takes everything in me to not laugh out loud. Claire on the other hand can't suppress her laughter so a lot of times they end up just giggling! We're working on that one =)

- This girl has some serious dance moves!
- Eden discovered play-doh this month with big sister. What a treat!
And here are three cute random pics from her 18th month. She's just growing up too fast! She is such a goof and really tries to get us to laugh at anything. As soon as she finds something she will do it over and over again!

Love this picture of her hand on Neil's leg. They were playing some video games at Mike and Heather's house.
Another cute one from Mike and Heather's house the weekend we went up for our adoption Hague training.

Finally, the video of her "talking"! Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

I miss that girl! That smile picture is hilarious. I can't wait to see both the girls again (and you all) - don't forget we have an open guest room!