Thursday, July 9, 2009

Itsy-Bitsy Spider

So what did we bring back from Austin? A yucky Spider bite! It was really crazy how it evolved from Sunday morning to Monday morning. Saturday night on the way home from Austin Claire said her foot hurt but it was dark in the car and she was asleep by the time we got home so we didn't look at it.

Sunday morning on the way to church she started crying in the car saying her foot hurt and when I looked down, there was a large welt the size of an egg. A little mark with white and then red so we were unsure what had happened. Her foot was too swollen on top to put her shoe on but she was able to walk and run on it fine. A Dr. at church looked at it and said to give her benedryl and just watch it. Later that afternoon, Neil took Claire to Target and she told him "My toes feel funny" so he looked down and her toes were sausages! The swelling was definitely spreading and we got a little nervous. My mom came over and had us soak it and said to look at it later that evening to see how it would progress. That's when I first saw a tiny bubble next to the mark. 10:30 p.m. she woke up and complained about it hurting and now the swelling was up to her ankle so Neil quickly took her to the Texas Med Clinic. They took ex-rays to make sure nothing was broken so $200 later (they don't take our insurance), she was sent home with the same thing - take benedryl, watch it and take her in again if it got worse.

In the morning, it was worse and she could barely walk on it. Within the next two hours, the bubble got larger and larger and started draining a little bit so that's when I took the pictures in case I needed to show the doctor. He touched all over on it and said "Yup! It's a spider bite" which was a relief because he had seen several staph infections the week before. He said that if it was an infection then she would've screamed when he touched it and it looked a lot worse than how it felt. So our goal was to now keep it from getting infected! We've been soaking her foot in Clorox/water twice a day and then putting a antibacterial ointment on. It didn't get better quickly but it looks SOO much better today. Her foot was still really swollen Thursday but it's almost completely down today.

Excuse her pedicure! We certainly need to give her one!

I just thought she looked so pathetic sitting there one day soaking her foot. So pathetic that this loving mother had to document it with a picture =)


Tara aka "Mama Koala" said...

Poor Claire! I hope it is continuing to heal well.

proud parents said...

Oh wow, I bet that was scary! I'm glad it seems to be doing better!!