Friday, July 2, 2010


Who would've known that PT (physical therapy) would be a little mini vacation for me? I'm telling you, my two appointments a week are something I really look forward to even though we really don't like paying for it! So here's the story...

I've always had a weird hip pain since high school. Every once in a while it felt like it would be out of joint after sitting for a while and so I would hobble around till it got back in it's spot. It's gradually gotten worse and started happening more often the past year and a half. I've also had some really low back pain the past year and a half (Hmmmm.... Eden is 19 months?) so when we went to get our physicals done for our adoption I mentioned it to Dr. Ford. He referred me to a physical therapist, Dr. Bussey, since it didn't sound like it was nerve pain.

So about three weeks ago I went to see Dr. Bussey and right when I sat in his waiting room, I noticed it was unique. The music playing was everything I hear on K-LOVE (thankfully with a lot more variety!), the receptionist was WAY sweet and knew everyone by name and there on the side table sat a bible. Then I was asked to come into an exam room to wait for Dr. Bussey and again, I see a bible in that room too.

My time with Dr. Bussey went well and he said it was actually my back that was causing my right hip pain - technically it's my SI joint that is not working properly. So he tells me I need to come back twice a week for 4-6 weeks. At that point I'm almost in tears. How am I going to coordinate babysitting that often? How are we going to pay for this right now while we're saving for the adoption? What about my half marathon training that I'm supposed to be starting in July (to raise money for our adoption)? I make my appointments and know that God will work out the details.

And you know what? He has! The office has hours that coordinate for Neil to be home with the girls. We were able to make the last few payments with no problems. back to why my PT time has become my mini vacation =) I get to listen to uplifting Christian music, I can't do anything else while I'm there except my exercises, I have been given opportunities to talk to people there about Christ, I've learned that they have a work bible study weekly, I get to lay down in a dark room for 15 minutes with electrolysis and an ice pack. It's good. It's great (even though we still don't like paying for it! HA!). The other day I told Dr. Bussey, who examines me every single time I'm there, that I've never heard so much Jesus talk in a business before. He looked a little caught off guard but I told him "No - I like it!" and he smiled. They are doing some amazing things for people in this office so if you ever need to go somewhere for PT, I highly recommend!

So far I have been going for two weeks and Dr. Bussey told me today that I will come two times next week and then maybe only once the following week. He is concerned about me training for the half marathon but just told me to take it slow and to listen to my body. Hoping that all of this was also God's way of getting attention to things before we really dive into this training time.

That was probably too much info but I just want to remember how I loved this PT office. It really has been great!

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