Wednesday, November 30, 2011

November #

The day before Thanksgiving we got our November number from AGCI

We are actually unofficially #17 so we've moved back twice since we were unofficially #15 but our official number has stayed the same. Seeing that #16 was a little disheartening but not surprising. We keep up with the movement and referrals on the list serv so we knew there wasn't much going on for refrerrals. Once again we rejoice with the families who got court dates, are traveling, getting cleared by Embassy, FINALLY getting MOWA letters... so things are still happening.

I've been in a funk this past week and unusually emotional. There is a lot going on in our lives right now and I have a lot on my plate - December is the busiest month for any musician - but I realized something yesterday. When we started this journey almost 2 years ago the first question everyone asked was "When will this be happening? When will he be home?" and I said without a doubt by Christmas 2011. I mean, we were told it would be 18 months process so that's a few months cushion. Well, once again this whole process has been completely out of our control (You think He's trying to teach us something here?). Throw all expectations out the window. Trust that God will know the perfect timing for our family. These are all things I KNOW but to truly trust and believe is another thing. I should cling to His promises that are unchanging and not my feelings which can be a bit wishy-washy!

So many of you have been such wonderful support - asking how we are doing and lifting us up in prayer. There were a few of you who commented on my last official numbers post that gave me great encouragement - thank you - I am thankful that God has put you in our lives and crossing our path.

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rachel said...

kathryn, i know the wait is so hard especially when expectations are left unmet. i remember when we met and you had thought the baby would be home at this time. at risk of sounding like i'm offering spiritual platitudes, i do think you are right that God's timing will be absolutely perfect!