Sunday, November 20, 2011

Veterans Day Parade

Claire had a Veteran's Day program and parade at her school. We were able to invite the veterans in our life so Eden and I brought Grandpa to be honored!! He served in the Air Force which is what brought us to SA. I just love how my dad gets emotional at any patriotic celebration. At the end of it all he said that was the most he had done for veteran's day for a long time and I think he really enjoyed the morning! They had a nice program outside with the choir and middle school band. Each veteran got a carnation and was brought up to the front so the kids could see them and honor them. We also remember my brother who served in the Navy!

Claire parading through the halls with her float!
Sportin her red, white and blue
Eden was in a little mood that morning and I couldn't get a smile until I told her I was taking her to chick-fil-a to play with her friends!
One of my favorite pictures - Eden sharing a pear with Grandpa - they are pretty smitten =)
We love you dad and are proud of you!

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