Friday, November 11, 2011

The past month

Wow - looking back over our pictures since I posted last I can see that we have been busy... too busy at times but we've done a lot of really amazing things together as a family! So I can feel caught up I'm going to do an overview of the past month:)

-I had a VERY busy season for work preparing my kids (and other kids without voice teachers) for region competition and then judging for two days. I didn't see Claire for almost 3 days between her school and me being gone more than usual... I'm so grateful that I am home most of the time and my job is usually so flexible! Out of my 12 kids that auditioned 10 of them made it and I was so proud of them all. I just LOVE my job encouraging my students and seeing them experience life. While I was gone Neil was AMAZING and took the girls on all kinds of adventures =) Their favorite was their time exploring downtown!

- We spent a Sunday morning remembering little Leo and celebrating his sweet life that was cut too short already a year ago. They organized an amazing run/walk and silent auction to raise money for the scholarship in his name for Texas State athletes. I was honored to sing the National Anthem.

I can't believe it's been a year already. Kristi and Leo have been such an amazing example of utter dependence on our God for strength through this past year. When we can't understand why these things happen, we can usually see how God works through such tragedy to bring people closer to each other and more importantly to Him. They continue to be a testimony to God's love. Here they are with their little Jaydee - One Friday after school Eden and I picked Claire up and surprised her with a trip to Sea World! It was so much fun and what a beautiful day for me to have quality time with both girls! We got to do a lot of stuff we hadn't yet done. Their favorite were the rides in the Bay of Play. Can't wait to go back during the week of Thanksgiving. It was just too hot during the summer to do much more than staying in the water so we need to get around to everything else!

- The next day we had Wagon Wheel Day at Claire's school which is like a carnival. We played games, ate junk food, bounced in jump houses, worked Claire's booth and remembered the days of when mommy went to her Wagon Wheel Days back in the 4th and 5th grade. What fun memories and traditions to now start with our girls! That night Tiffany and I had a girls night our to the Luna Bar for some good music and free cheetos =)

- Halloween weekend: Chosen Marathon Extravaganza, Halloween party for Claire's class, Katie's bday party and trick or treating - this weekend was exhausting as usual!

- We took family pictures with my whole family which was quit an accomplishment with all of us getting the same place on time with coordinating outfits. I am NOT a shopper so I spent all week trying to find jewel toned clothes. They turned out amazing...I only wish our son would be in them =)Here are some Neil caught but I'll post a few of my favs from Jennifer later!

- Had a team picnic for the 50 people who registered for our SA Lewis to Ethiopia team! Not very many people could make it but I was just so thankful for the outpouring of support that I wanted to have something special for everyone! Thanks to my mom and family for being there and helping so much!
-November 6th was Orphan Sunday and we had our entire service dedicated in bringing orphan awareness to our church family through orphan care, foster, adoption... I pray it touched people's hearts and spurred them on to act in one way or another.

- This week has been better... a day or two to just catch up and not be running every which way between work, kids, home, church, helping, etc. We celebrated Veterans Day today and honored my dad and brother for their service in the Air Force and the Navy.

Whew!! And that's not even mentioning our adoption or the things that we do everyday and week... I think I need to slow down before the holidays get here. Fortunately I'm almost done with Christmas shopping. We keep things very simple around here which I'm thankful for!!

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