Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Chosen Pictures

My last post was about our AMAZING team and this one is pictures of our team members!! Just a warning =) There are a ton of pictures but I wanted to know who was there and remember our time together on such an glorious day! It was about 40 degrees when we all got out in Gruene but it quickly got warm as we started out on our journey. What a beautiful, crisp morning as the sun rose over the river... it's a beautiful course and if you haven't done the Chosen before you MUST do it next year!

Neil and I staking out our spot to meet our team members (and freezing!)

Melynda and Jill - two sweet friends from church
Jenny and Danny (grade school friends to Neil and I) and Danny's dad, David. This was Danny's second year on our team!
Becky and me - friend from church who also walked last year
Jeremy and Lezlee - two close friends from church
Alison (friend of Kathryn Stevens), Kathryn Stevens (Kristi's cousin), Kristi Jayne (childhood best friend and my #1 recruiter!), me, Kim Potter (high school friend) and Sam Plake (husband of a high school friend). This was Kristi and Kathryn's second year on our team!
Georgia, Emily, Monica and Lauren (on team "Chaffing for Change"). This was Georgia and Monica's second time on our team
Friends of Kristi - Erin and Andrea
Stacia and Me! Stacia and her husband, Stefan, are also adopting from Ethiopia and had a team "Chaffing for Change". They've just recently placed membership at our church and I'm SO excited to be on this journey together. I encourage everyone to get ready to be on their team next year!
Neil wasn't able to walk this year with his knees and back so he worked hard the day before to set up and check in bags in the morning of the race!
Me and Jim - an elder at our church who has recently found out his daughter is adopting from Ethiopia too!!
WOW - this view just took my breath away and it's amazing to be part of something so wonderful while experiencing God's beautiful creation
On our way back after the half way point Heather (my wonderful walking partner and friend of 21 years) joined up with a group from our church - Georgia, Emily, Nathaniel, Monica and Heather
Me and Heather - thanks for walking with me and for our team!!!
After I crossed the finish line I was overwhelmed by our family! Nothing like seeing Neil there to give me a big hug!
Shortly after Heather and I crossed, Faith and her father, Tom, crossed as they finished the whole marathon! I knew Faith in my church youth group long ago and was so excited they both could join our team this year!
Gene and Elaine were there!!! I was so excited they came!!
Grandma was there soaking up the grandkids
Claire and mommy - I made these shirts for the girls and my shirt matched

Mike and Heather were supposed to run but they weren't feeling well. They came anyway to show us their love and support. I just LOVE this picture!
After we hung out at the race site for a long time, we went to the Grist Mill for a yummy lunch! What an amazing day!

A week later we had a celebratory/thank you picnic for our team members! Go Team SA Lewis to Ethiopia! We did it out at the neighborhood park

Mike and Heather stayed for the picnic after we took full family pictures that morning.
Not many people could make it but I'm so glad we did it for those who could come!
Tom, my dad and me
Becky and Sebastian
Melynda and Jude Jude and Eden loving on each other! Next year we won't be having a team for our family but can't wait to participate for another team!! I'm going to be recruiting for "Chaffing for Change" and any other team of a family member or friend who is on the adoption journey!!

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I love that you posted all the pictures....love seeing some familiar faces.