Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving Pics

Here are a few pics from our Thanksgiving! We went to Neil's sister's house and spent it with 16 adults and 8 kids - it was awesome! Growing up away from family I never really experienced big family Thanksgiving dinners where kids ran around, you had to make your way through the crowd, etc. My memories are primarily just us and getting together with The Brown Family until they moved out of state. Don't get me wrong!! They were wonderful Thanksgivings but it was really great to see the girls running around with their cousins and their cousin's cousins. We were able to visit with both Neil's grandma's, Steve's grandma, two men from Lackland who had to stay in town for basic training and Steve's brother's families. Good food, good company and so much to be thankful for!

Claire and Justin being silly
So cute!
They loved playing with the wagon
Eden opening her gift from Aunt Shannon and Uncle Steve
Claire with Maw Maw and Mary Ellen - her great grandma and great aunt
Claire with her other great grandma aka Maw Maw from Kerrville!

The kids loved seeing Sheila the bearded dragon

Then it was off to my parents house for our second Thanksgiving! Here is the classic picture of my dad carving the turkey. I wonder what Eden was doing in the background?
I didn't get pics of my mom and sister =( Wasn't using the camera as much as usual but got this one of the table all set and we were finally ready to eat!
Love this picture because you can see my mom's china - my mom LOVES dishes and especially loves setting her table with everything for holidays. Eden was all decked out with her own charger and two forks!
We had a LONG day with two stops but what a blessing to be so close to both families to spend time with them all. One of these days we will host everyone so we can have one Thanksgiving meal. I find it amazing how people have such different food traditions for holidays and even different ways of celebrating! Not sure I'm ready for the task of accommodating them all!!

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