Thursday, November 17, 2011


Halloween this year wasn't as crazy as it has been but we still had plenty to do to wear our costumes! With it being the same weekend as the Chosen it made it harder... we had to miss our church trunk or treat but the girls didn't once complain.

Our first fun event was Claire's class party that one of the parent's hosted at their home. It was a pretty amazing party! Games and food galore! A pinata, a ghost hunt, crafts, a balloon artist and the best part? Seeing Mrs. Lopez and her husband (my 5th grade teacher!) dressed up in their costumes! Claire had a blast with her friends as I was exhausted and recovering from the half marathon that morning. I also have really enjoyed getting to know a lot of the other moms through these fun social things for Claire's class!
Claire the queen and Mrs. Lopez the Gypsy
They are such a SWEET couple! Mr. Lopez is still just as nice as can be! I really loved having him as a teacher WAY back when...
Claire with our neighbor and friend Amanda
The next evening we had a birthday party for Katie Clem! Eden especially gets excited about seeing Katie and it's hilarious that she can't just call her Katie but it's ALWAYS "Katie Clem". Lily is just Lily =)
We carved our pumpkin after school on actual Halloween day. I say WE but I really mean ME =) My girls didn't want to touch the insides so they ended up playing while I scrapped it all out. Claire contributed with her face design. Gotta love the mismatched eyes... it's my favorite part!

The girls with our painted pumpkins and Jack O Lantern
We went trick or treating around our neighborhood that night after Neil got home. Here they are with their decorated pumpkins from Katie Clem's party

Abbey joined us for the 3rd or 4th year! So much fun to go with them!

After our bags were full, we went to trick or treat at Mimi and Poppa's neighbors. We always go to the same three houses and then pass out a little candy too =) Eden was NOT feeling this last photo op! She's giving me a look that I hope not to see often - LOL! Love that Gene is sporting his new Africa shirt that he bought at the marathon. You can find it through the ministry Into the Streets of Ethiopia. Click on the link to find out more!

I missed doing Halloween this year with our church friends and family - we weren't able to do trunk or treat, playgroup and didn't do a planned life group Halloween night... Hope to at least do one next year!

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