Thursday, November 24, 2011


Happy Thanksgiving to you all!! Two days ago I started listing the blessings and gifts of my days and will continue my list until I get to 1,000... and then maybe I'll start over again =) This is inspired by a few friends who have done this while reading "One Thousand Gifts" which I still need to read. I shared my last couple of days with Claire and this morning while talking about Thanksgiving and singing "Give thanks to the Lord for He is good" she said she wanted to make her own list. So I pray the heart of my little girl gives you the smile and joy it gave me.

Just in case you couldn't read it:
1. Lord
2. Mom and Dad
3. Cat
4. Eden (not sure how Rollo got ahead of sister!)
5. God's Word
6. Aunts and Uncles
7. Mrs. Lopez
8. Grandparents and Cousins

1. Baby Brother
2. Neighbors
3. Food
4. TV
5. Markers
6. Friends
7. Squinkies (a toy that she's been wanting and hopes to get for Christmas)
8. Amber (one of the girls we are praying for who is in foster care waiting for her forever family)
9. Rainbow
10. Heart (her heart)
11. Whole World

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Jessica said...

Precious list! Is the squinkie that super annoying purple thing? I hope not for your sake! :)