Thursday, December 1, 2011

Eden lately

Our sweet and funny girl... don't want to forget a few things that have happened or said the past month:

- The last line of our traditional meal prayer at my parents house is "thank you Lord for daily bread" and Eden quickly put her hands up in a question and scrunched up her face while saying "I don't have any bread?"

- The picture above is of her bible she got on Sunday. She already has a couple and one with her name on it but when we picked her up from bible class she ran aka. galloped down the hall while waving it in the air. She then had to bring it into the restaurant that we stopped for brunch. She had such excitement and joy to have her bible! Oh what an example of how WE need to be excited and joyful to have God's word at our fingertips. Thank you Eden for your genuine spirit and pure heart!

- Her continued love for rolly pollies, villains, rocks and squishy amphibian toys.

- We asked her a question at the table (in the picture above) and she said VERY slowly "Hmmmm.... let me see...." and after 2 seconds of pause she put her pointer finger to her chin to "think" We laughed SO hard and the best thing? She laughed too!! She knew it was funny =) I love that she can laugh at herself and doesn't get her feelings hurt when we laugh. Claire had a hard time with this even at a young age and still does but that's what makes them each unique. My girls can be night n day!

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rachel said...

isn't it interesting how each child is so different? it keeps life spiced up!