Monday, June 28, 2010

Let's go fly a kite!

Another catch up post! Back in early May my parents called up wanting to take Claire out to fly a really cool kite they picked up. What better to fly a kite with your grandparents?! It wasn't the most successful of runs but Claire had fun =) There was a sweet little girl who desperately wanted to play with us so she ran right beside Claire. Claire later found a ladybug and was so sweet sharing her find with her new friend!
Isn't this a neat kite?

Grandpa trying to catch some wind!
Claire tried holding it too =)
Love that face! Such wonder and little ladybug feet are so ticklish!
Sharing with her friend
We are so blessed to have our parents around the corner to build such memories! I didn't have that growing up so I cherish each and every moment.

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