Saturday, March 20, 2010

Trip to Austin

Last week while my mom had a few days off (YIPEE!!), we took the girls to Austin to visit Mike and Heather (couldn't get in touch with Billy). We had a great time eating fish tacos outside, loving on Maggie, hearing about the garden, getting nails done by Heather (Claire) and just spending some much needed time together. Mike's been working weekends now so its been forever since I've seen him! Thanks for a yummy lunch and a great time Mike and Heather!
It's been beautiful outside lately even with the 10 minute shower we just escaped after lunch!

Checking out the rosemary - my girls just have a thing for it!
Jicama - Claire LOVED it and it was a great addition to the tacos =)

Learning about thermometers from Uncle Mike - checking out the temp on the rain water

Can you get much cuter than that?

Or this?
Yup - you can! This is TOO CUTE =)
Claire loves her time with M&H

Thanks for Claire's manicure Heather!
So after lunch, mom and I headed to the outlet mall for some quick shopping, yummy dinner at Cracker Barrel and then back home. A full, fun day together!

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