Monday, March 15, 2010

She did it!

Last week at swim lessons Claire did it! She got her medal and rang her "I did it" bell and boy, was I proud =) Grandma was off work so she and grandpa came along to see the momentous occasion. I wasn't sure if she'd put her face comfortably in the water again but she did. The little medal ceremony was a little anti-climatic after weeks of anticipation. All she could say was "I'm cold!" and that's why she looks so miserable in the picture! I got some video too and when I said "Claire, ring the bell" she said "I diiiiiiid!" and just wanted to get down. Once she got some clothes on she was in a much better mood. Just wish I would've had a comb for her bangs =) My mom got a great pic of all of us that will definitely be in the real scrapbook page.

Here she is with her pathetic looking face =)
Much better! Love her ribbon saying "I put my face in the water!" That will be in her scrapbook too
Posing with proud grandma
Eden loved having grandma and grandpa there too! Here she is laughing while grandpa was holding her up.
She loves to play in the changing booths and play peek-a-boo with the curtains!

So proud of you Claire Bear!

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