Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My Fish

So if you read last week about Claire's swim lesson then you know that it was quite a learning experience for us. Well, I'd like to announce that yesterday Claire went under water on her own accord about 10 times!! Woo-Hoo! I was one proud mama! The night before she was still being funny about it in the bath tub so I didn't think she'd face her fear but she did and came out beaming. She got the positive reinforcement that she needed from one of the male coaches that goes around to the different groups, Coach Zach. He did a great job working with her as I stood outside te glass window talking out loud, cheering and getting teary eyed. (All us parents like to talk to the glass window!)

She didn't get her medal or ring the "I did it" bell but Zach said if she does it again next week she will. (Yes, I was THAT mom who asked him after she came out empty handed). She was a little upset but once I told her I had forgotten my camera and that next week I'll have it to take a picture of her with her medal, she was A-OK. She is more than excited and this morning the first thing she asked was "Am I going to swim lessons today?" So cute... never thought I'd have a fish on my hands but hoping she'll be more than comfortable in the pool this summer.

Check back next week for some cute pics =)

I'm SO proud of you Claire! You tried your best, practiced and accomplished your goal!

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Jayme said...

Yeah Claire! That's so cool.