Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring Break - Japanese Tea Gardens and the Train

Spring Break was so wonderful this year!! I love it when Neil has the week off to be home, play and get some projects done around here. Mostly, I love our outings around town to see new things and our day trips. This year was a busy one - there will be a lot of posts so we can remember all we did!

Monday, after I got home from my lovely annual appointment, we ate lunch and spontaneously packed up to head to the park down by the zoo. Eden had taken a really late and long morning nap so we wanted to take advantage of our time and the beautiful day! Little did we know, the rest of SA was too - the zoo, Brackenridge area was packed but we were blessed with a great spot right in front of our first destination, the Japanese Tea Gardens. We love it here! It's beautiful and so unique. It's a little bare still but Spring is showing her face more and more. This was Claire's first visit and she loved it! Especially all the fish and turtles that were sunning themselves =) Eden liked it too (she went as a 6 month old!)

Can't resist the daddy daughter pics - they are my favs!
Too sweet!
Me and my girlie's
Love this one on the steps of the bridge. Not sure what Eden just saw but she liked it!

Wow - a family photo!

So then it was off to the park across the street to ride the kiddie train. I have lived in SA since I was 10 and this was my first time! I think I was just as excited or even more excited than Claire! We had a great time riding and it was a long ride around to show us some fun sights. Hoping to do this when my aunt and grandma come down in April.

Then it was treat time and what did she pick? Blue cotton candy!! She was in heaven eating this pure sugar and I enjoyed it too =) I love cotton candy!

We'll need some extra teeth brushing tonight!

And Eden enjoying her dehydrated apples... no cotton candy for her yet but her time will be coming soon!

It was such the perfect day which ended with a yummy fish dinner and sweet potato fries... these days are what memories are made of!

Thank you Lord for such a wonderful family!

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E.T.'s Mom said...

We just learned about the Japanese tea gardens on our last trip. That's a cool place tucked away back there. I love the pic of the two of you post-cotton candy.