Saturday, March 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Claire!

Four years ago I experienced the most amazing moment of my life - I became a mother. I held this sweet, perfect baby and couldn't believe this was happening to ME!

Today, I celebrated this WONDERFUL day with my sweet girl Claire and our family and friends. Her day was hopefully more than she even expected (she's been looking forward to today for about 6 months now!). There were so many moments today when I just looked at my girl wondering, how did the time fly so fast? I know that's so cliche but it's true! Here are a few quotes I want to remember from today:

As she woke us up this morning: "Are you going to give me a birthday hug?"

Me: "Claire, you're growing up!"
Claire: "It's ok, mom. I have to grow up. But I'll always be your baby even when I'm 6 and 15." I like to ask her if she's still my baby.

"The cake wasn't too bad mom. It was awesome!"

At dinner while celebrating my mom's birthday tonight she was EXHAUSTED! She asked me to hold her which NEVER happens. It was the best!

Mom: "What was your favorite part of the day?"
Claire: "My birthday!"
Mom: "All day was your birthday silly! Ok - what were your two favorite things then."
Claire: "The restaurant and my birthday." (I think she meant her party!)

I of course took a ton of pictures but here are two of my favorites of the big 4 year old. I'll post a big post sometime this week =) Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

parenthood is cool.


happy birthday, Claire Bear - we love you!!!!!!

- neil