Thursday, March 4, 2010

15 months

So my baby Eden is 15 months (sniff, sniff). Boy is she so much fun these days! I think that everything is just that much more enjoyable since she is sleeping so much better the past two months - hallelujah!
I'll start this long post with her stats from today's wellness check.

Weight: 20 lbs. 10 oz. (about 15th percentile)
Length: 30 1/8 inches (about 40th percentile)

So looks like we will finally be moving Eden out of her infant care seat since she has reached the length. We will still keep her rear facing for a while. She and Claire entertain each other in the car so she'll still be able to see her and be safe! Not sure when we'll be turning her around.

The appointment went well. The only thing we need to be watching is her verbal skills. He asked if she is saying "mama" and "dada". She has said them but I haven't heard them in a really long time (she said "mama" on Vday morning clear as day). The only words she says consistently is "ball" which is "bah" and "uh-oh". He said he's not worried and neither should we. He just said that at 18 months he wants her to be consistently saying 3-5 words other than mama and dada. Funny thing is she is never quiet - we just don't know what she's saying!

So I'd like to document some of Eden's favorite things in video and pictures!

Took this video a few nights ago and it's my new favorite! Eden LOVES playing "This Little Piggy" and just laughs and scrunches up that little face of hers. Too cute! You won't want to miss this one...

Another favorite thing of Eden's is her sister. She is enamored by her and this video catches Claire's big sister nature. She is feeding her and teaching her some sign language.

The last month Eden has discovered airplanes. We hear them about 50 times a day at our house. She points up and gets so excited... inside, outside, in a store... pretty much anywhere! She does it for lawn mowers, loud trucks or any other loud noise. Here she is pointing with her toothy grin.

The girls love to play - especially outside at our neighborhood park.
These next ones just show the joy on Eden's face when she's outside. She'd rather be outside than pretty much anywhere!

Wondering what is over in the field. "Ahhhhhhh...." with her inflection going up for a question. So sweet!

Eden loves her time with her dear friend Jed and his mommy, Stefany. This ball toy is also one of her favorites. Well, pretty much any ball is her toy of choice! She has a pretty good throw these days.
Bath time with sister is always a fun time for Eden. As soon as she hears the bath water she smiles and starts flapping her arms. Her favorite bath toy is her bath crayons.
On that note.... Eden is REALLY into crayons these days. Mommy isn't too excited about her walking around with them because she marks her travels through the house. Nothing too bad so far. She does get crayon time when I'm close by and we have paper to draw on. She's not too bad and loves to do whatever Claire is doing.
Oh - her new favorite spot! The past three weeks she'll crawl up into this rocking beach chair all by herself and sit there proud as day. Makes me nervous when she gets rocking on her knees but she does a great job getting to her bottom when I give her the look.
So there she is... big girl Eden Noel. A few others I want to remember:
-She loves to eat and doesn't seem to be too picky. Her favorite thing is her banana every morning and her yogurt. Still not drinking a lot of milk but she's doing well. Dr. Gulde didn't seem too concerned because her weight didn't drop from 12 months.
- My girl just got her fifth tooth this week and is now working on two or three more. They came in slowly but now it'll probably all happen at one time. Poor baby has been drooling and snotting all over. My shoulder is usually covered!
- Just the past two weeks Eden has really started pretending which I know she's caught from all of us taking Claire's lead. She is getting into baby dolls more and putting them in the shopping cart, bringing a bottle to them when they are "crying" and giving them lots of love. She's also good about pretending with the kitchen in Claire's room. She'll pretend stir in a bowl but still catching on to the pretend eating. I think the food has become good teething toys when I'm not looking.
- My girl is a love bug. She will kiss EVERYTHING and most of the time it's unprompted. Claire calls Eden her little "Love bird" which is so fitting. My favorite is when I'm tucking her in and singing her two songs with all the lights off. She will just kiss my face all over while I'm singing (when she isn't singing along). Cheeks, chin, lips... anything she can get her lips on while in the dark!
- I'm so in love with her and loving her more everyday!

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Anonymous said...

as for eden talking - i think she might just be a natural observer and there's a lot to observe in our house with you, me, claire and our crazy cat. she'll get there, i'm not worried...she's a cutie for sure though! - neil