Monday, March 1, 2010

Daddy Daughter Dinner

I've never seen Claire so excited!! Her date with daddy was talked about for oh... about a month =) We weren't sure what to wear but when I got a package in the mail from my Aunt Barbara, this dress was IT! It's so beautiful and Eden has a matching one (they'll wear them for Easter). Thanks Barb!

So she had to get new shoes since hers didn't fit from last year, a new headband, a new sweater and a new pearl necklace. She was all set and with a handsome daddy on her arm, they were off for dinner. I LOVE that our church has events like this. What a wonderful way to celebrate such a special relationship between a daddy and his baby girl. Neil's always been so good about doing special things with Claie on his own - to the park, out for breakfast, to the comic bookstore to pick something out, a simple walk around the block, etc. But this night topped off her idea of a date with daddy!

Princess Claire
Love this face!

What a sweet couple =)

Love you Neil for being the best daddy in the world. All your girls are so blessed by you!

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