Sunday, March 14, 2010

Mag Pie

Just got word today of some sad news... Mike and Heather's dog, Maggie, will be laid to rest tomorrow. She has always had a lot going on but the last year has been a hard one for her. Around Thanksgiving her kidneys started to fail and then it was just one thing after another. She has now lost her appetite and can't keep anything down. Poor thing... She has been Mike's baby for about 10 years now and she is truly a big part of our family. By far the sweetest, most gentle dog I've ever met. We all love her to pieces and will miss those soft blonde ears and big brown eyes of hers.

We were able to drive up to Austin on Wednesday to visit and I'm so glad we did to give her some love. Eden could kiss the nose off that pup and Maggert would just eat all that attention right up! Prayers for Mike and Heather as I know they have been having a really hard time and will continue to for awhile.

Eden going in for her kiss
One of Eden's head hugs for her cousin
Love this one

We love you Maggie Moo

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Carol Martin said...

Thank you for loving and honoring our wonderful Mags. God touched us with an Angel, and some of us were lucky enough to notice. You are closer to Mike and Heather than us, so hug them and keep them close and enjoy your memories of Maggie!
Carol and Jim Martin