Monday, March 15, 2010

Maw Maw's 90th Birthday Party

This post is way over due! Back on Feb. 27th we celebrated Neil's grandma's 90th birthday (on his mom's side). Wow - that is amazing! I can't even imagine being 90! Elaine invited the whole family and it was a great turn out. We even had Amanda come in from Colorado with her new baby girl. Everyone else traveled from Dallas, Waco, Corpus and Kerrville. Claire loved meeting her second cousin Julianna and having another girl around to play with.

The kid's table!
Kyle, Joseph holding Annabelle, Claire, Julianna, Justin and Eden

So sweet!
The grandkids (missing 3 others!) - Kim, Emily, Amanda, Shannon and Neil
Neil and Maw Maw
Love this one of the boys with Neil

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thewhitehouse said...

I had no idea Neil was related to the Springers!! I grew up with Amanda, Kim and Emily! It is so great to see a picture of them and the new addition. Wow, what a small world!