Wednesday, March 17, 2010

4 year appointment

Still can't believe I have a four year old... and a cute one at that =) She had her wellness check and did a GREAT job especially as she was anticipating her four shots that Ms. Marilyn would be giving her.

Here are her stats from what I can remember:
Weight - 33.8 lbs. (around 45th%)
Height - 38 and something inches (around 50th %)

Can't find the sheets so the percentiles are a bit estimated. She is my growing girl and has seemed to slow down in the growing tall category. She was always in the 70th %. Two things that she did at this appt. that were different were taking a hearing test and an eye exam - good thing she knows her letters! Both checked out ok but her left eye seemed to be weaker to me. Glad her hearing is good because I've been concerned when she always asks me to turn things up and repeat myself. Guess she just likes to jam in the car!

Dr. Gulde was so encouraging by telling me "You know I think you're a good mom right?" and just really impressed with how Claire handled herself with him. She did everything he asked her to (draw a circle, draw a picture for him, identify her colors, hop, walk on her tip toes, stand up tall, etc.) He especially liked how comfortable she was while talking to him and how she could carry on a conversation at her age. Yes, as you all know I have the social butterfly (who wears her heart on her sleeve)! It's also probably because she's been there so much the past 6 months that she is more than comfortable =)

All was great until the shots came around. She screamed just like the kids you hear through the wall and you think "I wonder what's wrong with that kid?" - well, they're probably 4 years old getting their shots. She kept screaming "NO! Not another one!" But as soon as they were over and I picked her up (all while Miss Eden watched silently eating her snack - thank GOD), she was just fine. The scratch and sniff sticker and anticipation of her ice cream were probably what really worked in calming her down but I like to think it was a mama's touch.

Then is was off to Sonic for a chocolate shake - a treat for an emotionally drained mom too. It's hard to see your baby cry so hard (and scream SO loud).

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Aubrey said...

4!!!! When did that happen? I totally agree with your doctor, you are a great mom. What a sweet thing for him to say. I'm glad he sees what we do. However, I am not excited to hear how the shot routine doesn't get easier. I HATE when Lyla gets shots. Especially when they ask me to hold her down. You're kidding, right!

Anyways, thank you for always being a role model and an inspiration with your words of wisdom!