Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tuesday Tribute: Anthony, Greg, Murray and Jeff

For those who have read my other Tuesday Tribute blogs, this is a much lighter, less serious post! Today I highlight the four men who I never wanted to admit would help me through my day:

Anthony, Greg, Murray and Jeff a.k.a. The Wiggles!

Claire had never even heard of the Wiggles until November when I was on bed rest and she stayed with her Aunt Shannon for a day. She came home with a few DVD's and a Wiggles song book that her cousin Justin had out grown - she still wants to read the book EVERY DAY!! All I have to say is thank you Shannon because the DVDS really come in handy when she is being such a challenge. We don't like to just sit her in front of the TV but sometimes it's just what we ALL need. Staying home with 2 little ones is so hard so the Wiggles have helped me many a day when I just need a break from still-adjusting-big sister, Claire.


Anonymous said...

You are welcome! Hey at least it is musical!!!! Sometimes the TV or a DVD can be a mommy's best friend. When you are home all day with little ones...you do what you gotta do! :) Love y'all.

Dixie said...

It is hard to stay home with 2 little ones. If letting claire watch a little (just a little) TV helps in the sanity department, go for it. Sometimes it's nice to plop down with them and watch and the Wiggles are sufficiently mindless enough (if not a tad creepy) to just zone out to:) Eden is so pretty. Kiss her for me

Anonymous said...

i have a few words to tell you...
"bow-wow, bow-wow, bow-wow, wow, wow - everybody knows you give a dog a bone" -

dixie what you mean the wiggles are creepy?

those guys are laughing all the way to the bank. they are AWESOME.

(okay, so i embrace them so i don't go insane)