Sunday, March 8, 2009

Birthday Celebration

Claire had such a busy and fun weekend!! Friday was her actual birthday so when she woke up I had balloons, cards from out of town family and our gift to her which was a Little Mermaid book and Princess Hop Scotch Foam Tiles. Talk about excitement! She LOVED all her princess stuff - she's such a girl =) Claire and I made special heart pancakes for her and then it was off to Dr. Gulde's office for her wellness check. Claire weighed in at 30.2 lbs. which is right at 50th percentile and is 36.24 inches tall which is between 30th and 35th percentile! She's growing so fast!

After seeing Dr. Gulde, we dropped Eden off so Grandpa could watch her while we took Claire to a special birthday lunch at her favorite - Chuckie Cheese! She's only been 2 or 3 times and it's almost been a year but every time we pass the sign she asks to go. We usually tell her Chuckie Cheese isn't open right now so when she found out she was going, she said "It's open now?!" It was PURE joy on her face and you can see it in the pictures. Chuckie Cheese Heaven! Thanks to Leyna for letting Claire borrow her "Birthday Girl" shirt.

The rest of the day was nap and getting ready for her party. She spent some time with Eric and Erin so we could get some food shopping at Costco done - Whew! What a busy day!

It's funny - the past 2 birthdays have been about what I wanted and celebrating me giving birth. I really made all the decisions but this year our little girl is so grown up! Now it's about what she likes and such - it's SOOO much fun especially when you see her face light up the way I saw all weekend! Claire's birthday party was Saturday and I'm working on uploading pics to Shutterfly for that post!

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proud parents said...

Sounds like she had a great birthday! I can't believe she is 3 already!