Thursday, March 5, 2009

Back to Work

This week was my first official week back to work. I split my long Monday into two half days so I now teach Monday afternoons and Thursday mornings - I love it!! Gets me out two times a week and I still have half my day to be with my girls =) Nothing like some rejuvenating time away doing something you LOVE!

Things went well but there are a lot of logistics with the two girlies. Neil and I have to take turns dropping off and picking up at the various locations. Claire is at MDO Monday while Eden is at Stefany's for a couple hours and then Thursday Eden is at Stefany's for about 3.5 hours and Claire is at Mimi's house (Neil's mom!) A HUGE thank you to Stefany and Jed for keeping Eden and Mimi for helping out with Claire - we couldn't do it without you!

Well, getting ready for Claire's birthday tomorrow - can't believe it's been 3 years already. We're having a party with friends her age from life group, playgroup and a few others on Saturday. Of course, Disney Princess is the theme but we plan on having some fun together on her real birthday too!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Claire! And congrats on the big transition back to work, Kathryn!

Jennifer said...

I am glad that you're settling into a routine, especially one that includes something that you have all to yourself. Make sure to give Claire big birthday hugs from all or us tomorrow!