Tuesday, March 10, 2009

First Trip to the Dentist

For Claire's 3rd birthday I thought it was time to take her to see the dentist. She did SO amazing!! As soon as the dentist walked in she said "I'm ready now! AHHH!" because I had told her she was going to open wide and say Ah. They were so good to explain everything and let her see and touch the tools they would be using. They scrapped the backs of her bottom teeth (really hard to get them really clean back there!), cleaned them with a polish and then left a flouride treatment on. She didn't make one sound or movement!! I was SO proud - they said she'd have to teach her other patients how to brush and be so good in the chair =) They said they would see Eden when she was 12 months old - yeah right! It was a pretty penny even with our insurance so I'm thinking we'll be good to 3 years for her too!

Here we are testing out our new camera in the dentist chair


proud parents said...

I'm glad to hear she did so well! I need to make Ava an appointment too. Our pediatrician wants them to be seen for the first time between 18-24 months. We obviously didn't make that timeline. I've been dreading it! You've given me hope that is might not be too bad!!

Aubrey said...

I'm so proud of Claire. She is getting so big.

By the way....those are some serious milk-makers you are carrying around!

Hope to see you Sunday. Sure do miss you!