Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring Break Recap

Gosh! Feels like forever since I've posted because SO much has happened! Neil was on Spring Break last week which was WONDERFUL... He is such a big helper with the girls! It was definitely a break for me too just to have him around. Thanks honey - you're the best! (btw, Claire has started calling Neil "Honey" because I guess I say it a lot)

Here is a recap of the week:

-Monday -we got pictures taken of Claire at Picture People for her 3rd birthday and they were SO cute! I also got one shot of Eden and Claire together even though Eden was fussing

-Tuesday - we took Claire to the dentist and then Eden and I went to my Worship Committee meeting that night

-Wednesday - The girls and I gave daddy a break and went to Kristin's for playgroup

-Thursday - hung out inside while it was rainy and cold! We ate dinner at McAlister's Deli with Claire's "Brave at the Dentist" certificate for a free kid's meal

-Friday - took a trip to see Neil's grandma in Kerrville - Eden's first time there! We took her to lunch and enjoyed visiting at home. Claire then spent the night with my parents while we volunteered down at the Seton Home. We babysat the kids of the teenage mother's so they could have a mom's night out to the movies for their spring break!
This is how Claire kept busy at Maw Maw's house while we visited!
Claire sharing with Eden

-Saturday - Neil and I got to sleep in without Claire waking us up!! YEAH!! Thanks mom and dad even though she slept in for y'all like she never does for us - we slept till about 8 a.m. which felt wonderful. That evening we went to Neil's sister's house for dinner and the kids got to play

Claire and Justin being silly and playing the Wii

-Sunday - Went to church (I sang both services) and then Eden and I went to her first baby shower for our dear friends Andy and Aubrey and their little one on the way, Lyla Danielle. Then it was off to life group at the Nguyen's house! Claire and Carly always have so much fun together.

The girls eating dinner after playing dress up! Earlier when we were having our bible study Carly came out and then yelled back at Claire "Nope - they're still talking! Not having dinner yet!"

Whew! What a week!! It was a great one but certainly not like the spring breaks we used to have with lazy, sleep in mornings and late, late nights watching movies... it's definitely different but great! So glad the weather is better this week and I got to take the girls to the park yesterday after a long morning of taking Eden's 3 month pics with Jennifer Denton. Can't wait to get those pictures back!! We did Claire's 3 month pics with her too. Visit her site for some great galleries of her photo sessions. There is a great shot of Claire and I under her Mother and Child Gallery

My smiley girl loving the outdoors!


Dixie said...

What a great week. It's funny how children make 8:00am seem like late mornings. This past summer was the first time Isaac was able to take care of things in the morning (cereal/poptarts for the little ones) and they let me sleep til...hold your breath...9:00 or after. It was blissful:)
The pictures are all great. Your girls are precious.
Much Love

Dinfurch said...

Hey! I did get your message just been busy. Sorry! Give us a call sometime.