Sunday, March 29, 2009

Eden's dr. appt. and a video

Took Eden in for her 4 month wellness visit and everything went well! She weighed in at 12 lbs. 9 oz. which makes her about 25th percentile and her length was right at 20th percentile at 23 3/8 inches. She was below 3% in head circumference but he said not to worry about it. He told me that the 8 hours she has slept can be considered through the night but I just have to get her down later or I have to go to bed as soon as she does - yeah right!! I had to say no to some developmental questions but again, that's because she is about 3 weeks behind. He wanted to know if she was intentionally reaching out to grab or touch things which she isn't yet. Is she squealing or giggling - just a little of in-the-throat giggles but not too much and no squealing. Also, is she following us all around the room with her eyes - nope, not yet! She'll get there but it is hard to say no to the questions....

All went well except when she got her shots - two in each leg and she screamed harder and longer than I've ever heard her. It was a miracle that I didn't cry myself but I guess it's because I've done this before? She was inconsolable until I got her wrapped up tight in her swaddle in the car seat. Thank God for swaddle blankets. Other than that she was just wonderful!! I LOVE this age and looking forward to seeing her develop more everyday. Here is a sweet video I took last night after her bath. She loves laying on her changing pad to look at her quilt and kick her legs! She is "talking" and kicking up a storm!!

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Dinfurch said...

That little Eden is adorable! One question: what camera did you guys get? We are looking at buying a new one but I have no clue what to get. Is yours a point and shoot?