Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Trip to Austin

We had a busy weekend taking our trip to Austin!! We left early Saturday so we could spend some time with Mike and Heather before Neil, Eden and I left for Andy Wilson's wedding in Lago Vista (about an hour west from M&H house). Our first adventure included a meeting with some ducks and some very large, hungry catfish!! It was so awesome to see these giant fish and I think Heather and I were more excited than Claire was! Maggie was just excited about bread being at mouth level and was hoping for some to be dropped her way. Here are some shots of our time at the pond:

Sisters hanging out!

That evening we went to the wedding which was at a very nice place right on Lake Travis. The ceremony was outside and the reception was looking right over the water's edge. Andy is Kate's brother so I've seen him grow up all these years and I'm so glad he's found someone! It was my first time meeting Kathy and I hope she didn't mind that I brought Eden with us. She was REALLY good especially since she only slept about 10 minutes while we were there for almost 4 hours! She was so exhausted that night that she slept in her car seat from 9:30 p.m. to 3:30 a.m.

Kate with Abbey and her niece, Emily

Andy with Craig and Kathy at the table - love this one
Yeah! A couple pic without kids =)
I finally captured a big smile! She was SOOO tired here - it was right before we put her in the car

While we were at the wedding Mike and Heather took Claire to her favorite - Chuckie Cheese and they had a great time! They're getting some good practice in with her =)


Ashley said...

Too cute. Too much fun! :) They are beautiful. Where did you get the adorable outfit for Claire that she is wearing in the fish pictures? much love...

Dinfurch said...

Hey I emailed you but then realized it might be your old address. Anywho, my neighbor is having a bow sale this evening. Beautiful bows and headbands to match ANY outfit. I'll be there. Let me know if you are interested. This is her site for ideas. Her dresses are really adorable. www.alisbowtique.vpweb.com